Reindeer Porridge and Brown Cheese in Oslo

After the drama at the airport in Crete after we missed the check in time for our flight (After doing this once, I will never do this again!), we arrived in Oslo, Norway to see my lovely friend and old pen pal Line (Pronounced LEE-NA). We worked Norway into our travelling itinerary especially to see her and it ended up being amazing.

Firstly, it was so cool getting to see Line again, Line and her friend Mathilde (Pronounced MA-TIL-DA) travelled around New Zealand back in 2010, Line and I had been pen pals before then so we met up when they were in Auckland.

Secondly, the outskirts of Oslo are incredibly beautiful! We stayed with Line and at the time she lived with her parents in the country. The Norwegian countryside was so gorgeous and lush!

Thirdly, Line cooked us some amazing typical Norwegian dishes and I fell in love with their foods. Continue reading


I live in London but that’s not where I’m from

The Writer Behind the Words with Jordon's Travels
[ Where I tell you all about myself. ]


London (2)But I’m from New Zealand and had lived in Auckland my whole life, until last year when I went travelling around Europe for three months.

I moved half way across the world because I was going to be on that side of the world anyway. So why not get my visa just in case I didn’t want to leave? It turns out I didn’t want to leave because there were so many more places I wanted to see, and the London lifestyle is so different to home. I needed to experience more.

London is busy. 24 hours, 7 days a week. Well, except for Christmastime; at Christmas, London is a ghost town. Which makes me wonder if anyone is even from London, or if Londoners are all from other parts of England or the world. Everyone goes home at Christmastime. And barely anyone is left in London.

At home in Auckland, life is a lot quieter. Maybe that was because I didn’t live in the city and to get to the city, it felt like a bit of a mission. The fact that I worked night shifts while I lived there was also another reason my life was quieter. Continue reading

Powering on Through Mykonos

I suppose one thing we learnt was that if  you’re going to go to both of the greek party islands, Mykonos and Ios, then split them up and go to somewhere chill and nice in between, like Santorini. We went to Mykonos straight after Ios, and it was hard to continue on partying and really enjoy it.

On the day we ferried out to Mykonos I was insanely hung over, the night before had been the night I had gotten way too drunk in Ios. I’m not complaining, Ios was insane and fun and crazy and I don’t regret anything. But being on the ferry while being hung over was very hard. Ferrying to the next party island? Uh yeah, we didn’t think that through. We got to Mykonos fine and I managed to contain my hangover.

Mykonos (7) Continue reading

The Writer Behind the Words: My name is Jordon

I was looking at my ‘About‘ page and thought that it didn’t really tell you anything about me. After reading it I realised I’m still a blurry lined blogger that you can’t see and know nothing about. I was going to update my About page but then I thought it would be too much information to have on one page, and who want’s to read a life story all at once?

Then I came to the conclusion about writing a post essentially introducing myself to the blogosphere. I began writing and discovered I pretty much wrote a book, do I really need to tell the internet about my whole life? Probably not.

The Writer Behind the Words began. This will be a series of posts where I tell you all about me and who I am.

[ Where I tell you all about myself. ]

I guess I will start with my name, as if you can’t see it everywhere on this blog.


MeWhenever I asked my mum why she spelt my name this way, she told me that apparently this way of spelling ‘Jordon’ is the female way. Whereas spelling it with an ‘a’ is the male version of the unisex name ‘Jordan’. However, whenever I tell people this they say they’ve never heard that before and they’ve never met another Jordon spelt with two ‘o’s. Even spell checker is telling me I’m spelling my name wrong.

Interesting right? I’ve also never met another female Jordon with her name spelt this way. I like that.  It makes me feel a little bit unique. Continue reading

How do you keep track of your favourite blogs?

When you find a blog you like to read, how do you keep track of them? How do you follow their posts?

If you’re a seasoned blogger, you probably have a Bloglovin account or use an RSS feed reader.

If you just like to read a lot of blogs or articles then chances are you have subscribed to those blogs via email or maybe you’ve just added the blogs handles on social media.

You can follow blogs a number of ways:
Internet Browser BookmarksI used to add all of my favourite blogs to a group on my bookmarks page. Then I would visit the blogs most days to see if they had posted new articles.

I found out very fast how time-consuming this was and how much space this takes up in your bookmarks, but it is one way to save your favourite blogs and keep track of them.

In my opinion, it’s definitely not a very efficient way to follow your favourite blogs. Continue reading

The Ultimate Party Island in Greece – Ios

We had to wake up at 4:30am in Athens to get a 7:15am ferry to Ios, Greece (FYI you pronounce it EE-OSS) because we were nearly an hour out from the port and we had to board the ferry an hour prior. I hate early mornings. When we got to the train we realized the train wasn’t open yet and started freaking out about how we would get to the port, luckily for us the station opened ten minutes after we arrived, so we got on a train and made it to the port fine.

To travel between the greek islands, the best way to do it is to ferry across (It’s not cheap). All of the small islands don’t have airports anyway so you have to fly into Athens or a bigger island (Like Crete) and ferry across to them.

The ferry ride was tiring, it was a long ride (Although not as long as the ferry from Dubrovnik to Bari) and the seats weren’t comfortable at all. I tried sleeping with my legs up on the window sill but that didn’t really work. By the time we got to Ios we were glad to be off the ferry, grabbing our luggage though was a bit of a mission as well because of the mass amounts of people getting off of the ferry. We managed it okay with nothing lost, we then found the person holding the sign that had the name of our hostel, Francesco’s, on it and asked them if we were able to get a ride with them up as we hadn’t organised a transfer from the ferry to the hostel. Luckily for us there was room and it was all fine.

Ios (7)

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