Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

Valencia’s modern city is known as the City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias), it was really interesting getting to see this because it is a stark contrast to the old town of Valencia.

We caught the bus to the modern city, the hotel staff told us what number bus to catch there and back and then we just guessed where we had to get off as the bus driver didn’t understand us. We jumped off when we thought we were near the modern city, but it turns out we jumped out at the park across from it. Oh well, we just had to walk across the park to get to it.




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Old Town of Valencia

It was hard getting up this morning, still felt really tired. Alicia and I needed to go to the Joaquin Sorolla train station to book our trains out of Valencia on Friday. To do this we had to navigate the Metro again except this time there was no English speaking person to help, so the Spanish speaking guy tried his best to explain. We bought our tickets ourselves at the machine and realized it was actually quite easy to figure out what ticket we wanted.


(I’m rocking the whole underground train thing! NZ should try it.)

Trying to reserve a ticket for Friday was a little hard because we couldn’t find out which desk we were meant to go to. However we were finally directed to an English speaking lady and reserving our train was really easy. We then made our way back to our room to drop off the eurail passes before heading back out to the Old Town of Valencia.


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Trip to Valencia

How we thought getting up at 5am for a flight would be a good idea I do not know. It wiped us out for the day.

We flew out of London at Gatwick Airport so to get there we caught a tube one stop to Balham, went topside to the train station and caught a train to Clapham Junction, then caught another train to Gatwick Airport.


We somehow ended up getting to the airport way earlier than intended which was a good thing because we clearly didn’t leave enough time for checking bags in the amount of time we had originally left. We checked in bags (my bag weighs 16kg… :(), then went up for a coffee and a pastry (why do they only eat pastry?! I’m going to get so fat here!). We started our way to the gate only to find out it was a good twenty minutes away and we had to be there in ten minutes. So we ran the whole way! Me and running? Yeahhh.
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