The lost days of Barcelona

Unfortunately I had my phone pick pocketed the other night, luckily I had all of my photos backed up though so I only lost a day of photos. I bought a new phone yesterday and am still setting it up, but at least I can continue taking photos!

On our second day in Barcelona we moved to an apartment for the easy use of the washing machine and the slightly cheaper price, we then spent the whole day exploring the city. We saw some cool and beautiful statues, fountains and an awesome park. Then made our way to the top of the hill that overlooks Barcelona, the sights were gorgeous. Too bad I can’t show you any pictures!

That night was the Saint John festival at the beach, there were fireworks and thousands of people. They had set up small temporary clubs and bars along the beach as well which was awesome, it was a really fun night. However this is when my phone was stolen, I shouldn’t have taken it out with me, lesson learnt!

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Poolside Weekend

This weekend was a whole lot of relaxing by the pool. It was lovely!



Even with reapplying sunblock regularly everyone still got burnt, I found this ironic because I have never reapplied so many times in my life and I STILL got burnt. At least today it’s gone more tan than red.

Suzanna (our host for the weekend) was the absolute loveliest person ever, she was also our chef for the weekend which was a really cool touch I think. The food was really yummy!
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