We hear you Universe

Alicia, Aleisha and I have been trying to get to Bordeaux for a couple of days now (Alesha has gone to Santander in Spain), but have found it incredibly difficult transport wise and then also accommodation wise. There were hardly any direct trains or buses to Bordeaux which kept being sold out when we would try and buy tickets, and the indirect buses and trains would take all day so was a waste of time. Then our accommodation kept being declined despite taking money off of our cards! It was pretty ridiculous.

We finally locked down an apartment to stay in in Bordeaux, so we bussed to Biarritz in France and had planned on catching the train to Bordeaux (which was cheaper for us since we have the eurail pass) but when we got to Biarritz we found out the accommodation had been declined last minute…

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The past week

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Lagos was amazing, definitely my favourite place on this trip so far. However it’s only the beginning, so many more places to see!

Sun, sand, beach, party, kayaking and adventure.

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Lagos day one

Today we spent the morning organising our food for the next few days before deciding to go out kayaking.

The kayaking was amazing! We went in open kayaks with two in each and kayaked around the rock cliffs through the arches in the rocks. It was a lot of fun but also a lot of work… Alesha and I were in a kayak together which ended up being pretty funny, we’re both quite weak so kept lagging behind. Whenever we were apart of the group we triumphed haha. We turned it into a race in the hopes of staying with the tour guide.

The views were amazing but I didn’t take my phone with me (haha!). We spent 30 minutes on the beach but of course the tour guide got distracted talking to us so it was more like 45 minutes. We weren’t complaining, the beach was beautiful. I also love the sand here, it’s pretty different.
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The lost days of Barcelona

Unfortunately I had my phone pick pocketed the other night, luckily I had all of my photos backed up though so I only lost a day of photos. I bought a new phone yesterday and am still setting it up, but at least I can continue taking photos!

On our second day in Barcelona we moved to an apartment for the easy use of the washing machine and the slightly cheaper price, we then spent the whole day exploring the city. We saw some cool and beautiful statues, fountains and an awesome park. Then made our way to the top of the hill that overlooks Barcelona, the sights were gorgeous. Too bad I can’t show you any pictures!

That night was the Saint John festival at the beach, there were fireworks and thousands of people. They had set up small temporary clubs and bars along the beach as well which was awesome, it was a really fun night. However this is when my phone was stolen, I shouldn’t have taken it out with me, lesson learnt!

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Poolside Weekend

This weekend was a whole lot of relaxing by the pool. It was lovely!



Even with reapplying sunblock regularly everyone still got burnt, I found this ironic because I have never reapplied so many times in my life and I STILL got burnt. At least today it’s gone more tan than red.

Suzanna (our host for the weekend) was the absolute loveliest person ever, she was also our chef for the weekend which was a really cool touch I think. The food was really yummy!
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