Reindeer Porridge and Brown Cheese in Oslo

After the drama at the airport in Crete after we missed the check in time for our flight (After doing this once, I will never do this again!), we arrived in Oslo, Norway to see my lovely friend and old pen pal Line (Pronounced LEE-NA). We worked Norway into our travelling itinerary especially to see her and it ended up being amazing.

Firstly, it was so cool getting to see Line again, Line and her friend Mathilde (Pronounced MA-TIL-DA) travelled around New Zealand back in 2010, Line and I had been pen pals before then so we met up when they were in Auckland.

Secondly, the outskirts of Oslo are incredibly beautiful! We stayed with Line and at the time she lived with her parents in the country. The Norwegian countryside was so gorgeous and lush!

Thirdly, Line cooked us some amazing typical Norwegian dishes and I fell in love with their foods. Continue reading