KL day two

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Final day in KL was not as hot, only 27 degrees which was way more bearable. Especially because we wore shorts this time haha.

Aleisha and I went for a walk to the park behind the twin towers and made our way to the aquarium which was fun. We spent an hour going around looking at fish before heading back to the hotel to pack up and check out.



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Day 1 – Kuala Lumpur

We landed in KL fine but we got lost in the airport trying to find where we got our baggage, we realized you had to catch a train to another part of the airport… It was a massive airport! I don’t know why I was so worried about having so much luggage here, I grabbed a trolley and all was fine. They looked pretty relaxed with security which I found weird, we didn’t have to declare anything, and we weren’t scanned nor did our hand luggage get checked, we just showed someone our passport, had it stamped and walked out. When we went to find our airport transfer that we had prearranged the guy wasn’t there so we waited around for 15 minutes until he turned up, but then he asked us to give him the transport voucher except we didn’t have one. I was a little worried that he would refuse to take us because we didn’t have a voucher but luckily Alicia had her itinerary printed off the day before she left so her itinerary was the only one with the transfer on it as we booked the transfer only a few weeks before leaving. He told us our return transfer wasn’t in the system and we had to call the people the next day to arrange it. We got it all sorted today however so there should be no problem on our transfer back to the airport.

Kuala Lumpur is crazy hot! A heat wave nearly knocks you over as soon as you walk out of an air conditioned building. Today was around 33 degrees which felt nearly unbearable, especially because we thought we had to wear clothes that covered ourselves so we weren’t disrespectful. We had to go to the mall to find lightweight pants to walk around instead of wearing jeans. I swear I nearly passed out, the ground felt like it was moving every step I took. We made it to an air conditioned building fast though so no one passed out from the heat.


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