Venice, my old love.

When I first went to Venice I was 14, my family did a small Europe trip which at the time I never realised was so rare for families to get to go on. Venice was one of the places I enjoyed most, canals and masks everywhere, it was so different to anything I had ever seen. So getting to go back to Venice was incredibly exciting for me.

Alesha and I arrived in Venice fine, we were to meet Alicia and Aleisha later on since we had been staying in different places in Florence so we traveled at different times. We were staying at a camping ground in Venice which turned out to be awesome! We had booked an air conditioned three bed cabin which Alesha and I had somehow managed to get to ourselves (thank god). The grounds had it’s own grocery store, bar and restaurant and it had a swimming pool (!!). We were pretty stoked since it had been the cheapest option as well.

The first day we spent our time out in old Venice which is the part of Venice with all the canals. We caught the transfer and then found out instead of getting a ferry across we were able to get the ‘people mover’ which cost us €2 each. It was super cheap compared to what everyone else was paying for a water taxi. The people mover was pretty much a small train thing with three carriages, but it turned out most tourists didn’t know about it so it was empty!

We spent the morning wandering around getting lost in the canals. Which is the one thing you’re meant to do in Venice!


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