Just a little bit of history: Pompeii

We left for Sorrento the next morning which turned out to be a bit of an exhausting trip, we had to catch two trains to get to Naples and then a third train to get to Sorrento. We had been told to be very aware in Naples because of how dodgy it is, well we weren’t even off the train yet before we witnessed just how dodgy it can be.

I’m walking off of the train and felt something pull my bag, so I turn around to find a guy trying to open my bag up! I was semi shocked and really angry so started yelling at him, he clearly didn’t expect it because he backed right up. We got off the train and the guy disappeared so I couldn’t get security on him. Then as we were waiting for our train to Sorrento we noticed a young guy blatantly trying to pick pocket people as they pushed in to the train. He was seriously just staring at people’s bags and pockets and trying to unzip them without caring who saw! I shoved one of them out of the way as he tried to get into an elderly mans bag, Naples brought out the feistiness is me.

Sorrento was really pretty and picturesque, I was glad we ended up staying there instead of right in Naples. We were staying at a hostel, it was a pretty nice hostel except it was the kind that didn’t have kitchen facilities for guests to use and instead it had a bar and restaurant. However we ended up splitting €5 pizza between two so it worked out fine.


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