The Tuscan Countryside

Nothing like a massive break to enjoy the rest of travelling and get settled into London, right?

So I’m sick in bed on a Sunday and Alesha’s out so I thought ‘Perfect time to catch up on my travel blog!’, except that my laptop died earlier this week… So I’m borrowing Alesha’s. Nothing like your laptop dying to make you feel like it’s time to update your travel blog, right?

I’m great at timing. Except that I’ve learnt I’m really not…

Let’s get back to the traveling.

In Florence, Italy, Alesha and I went couch surfing. Which is where you sleep at a persons house for free, technically on their couch but a lot of the hosts have a spare room etc. Now you’re probably thinking, “How is that safe?! It sounds like the beginning of a horror movie!”, those were my thoughts too. But after doing some research and seeing that there’s a legitimate couch surfing website that you can register on and view peoples profiles and see their reviews etc, I thought why not? It’s worth a try, and Alesha and I are pretty smart when paired up (that’s not to say that we’re not smart when we’re not paired up…) so we’ll be fine, plus it’s one way to see a place with a local. Continue reading