And finally on to Italy!

We landed in Bari and caught a taxi to our B&B; straight from the get go we were very wary of the gypsies as they were all hanging out at the ferry terminal trying to get travellers to give them money etc. As we’ve heard all of these stories about them stealing off of you and doing things like chucking babies or dolls at you to get your stuff while you catch said baby/doll etc, it was kind of freaky. We didn’t really have any problems in Bari luckily!

I’m not sure how I felt about Bari, I thought I wouldn’t like it but I quite enjoyed it yet for no reason in particular. It wasn’t very pretty where we stayed, it was dirty and there was graffiti and homeless people everywhere. However we went a bit out of Bari and it was actually quite pretty further out. I don’t think I would ever have a reason to visit Bari again though, once is enough.

We spent the rest of the day chilling at the B&B and got food for the night, the night at the B&B sucked. There was no air conditioning so it was super hot, we opened the balcony doors in our room and found that it was incredibly loud. So it was either sleep in a sauna or not get a lot of sleep with the noise; we chose the noise. Least to say we all didn’t get much sleep, and we didn’t even do anything fun to not sleep!

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