Venice, my old love.

When I first went to Venice I was 14, my family did a small Europe trip which at the time I never realised was so rare for families to get to go on. Venice was one of the places I enjoyed most, canals and masks everywhere, it was so different to anything I had ever seen. So getting to go back to Venice was incredibly exciting for me.

Alesha and I arrived in Venice fine, we were to meet Alicia and Aleisha later on since we had been staying in different places in Florence so we traveled at different times. We were staying at a camping ground in Venice which turned out to be awesome! We had booked an air conditioned three bed cabin which Alesha and I had somehow managed to get to ourselves (thank god). The grounds had it’s own grocery store, bar and restaurant and it had a swimming pool (!!). We were pretty stoked since it had been the cheapest option as well.

The first day we spent our time out in old Venice which is the part of Venice with all the canals. We caught the transfer and then found out instead of getting a ferry across we were able to get the ‘people mover’ which cost us €2 each. It was super cheap compared to what everyone else was paying for a water taxi. The people mover was pretty much a small train thing with three carriages, but it turned out most tourists didn’t know about it so it was empty!

We spent the morning wandering around getting lost in the canals. Which is the one thing you’re meant to do in Venice!


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The Tuscan Countryside

Nothing like a massive break to enjoy the rest of travelling and get settled into London, right?

So I’m sick in bed on a Sunday and Alesha’s out so I thought ‘Perfect time to catch up on my travel blog!’, except that my laptop died earlier this week… So I’m borrowing Alesha’s. Nothing like your laptop dying to make you feel like it’s time to update your travel blog, right?

I’m great at timing. Except that I’ve learnt I’m really not…

Let’s get back to the traveling.

In Florence, Italy, Alesha and I went couch surfing. Which is where you sleep at a persons house for free, technically on their couch but a lot of the hosts have a spare room etc. Now you’re probably thinking, “How is that safe?! It sounds like the beginning of a horror movie!”, those were my thoughts too. But after doing some research and seeing that there’s a legitimate couch surfing website that you can register on and view peoples profiles and see their reviews etc, I thought why not? It’s worth a try, and Alesha and I are pretty smart when paired up (that’s not to say that we’re not smart when we’re not paired up…) so we’ll be fine, plus it’s one way to see a place with a local. Continue reading

Hello Rome!

We left Sorrento, Naples without hassle. This time around in the city centre no one tried to pick pocket us, thank god. Off to Rome we went!

Rome was beautiful in the sense of history spread out through the city. You would be walking through modern buildings and then suddenly come across an old statue or ruins, there were a lot of ruins which had been preserved and fenced off. It was super hot when we were there so walking around sightseeing was really hard!

The first night there we went out to dinner with a couple of girls from the hostel that we had just met. It was nice getting to eat a meal with people you barely know and learning their story. I got used to eating pasta and pizza!

We spent the first full day exploring the colosseum and the roman forum, because it was so hot though we didn’t last the whole day. Continue reading

Relaxing and wandering on the Amalfi Coast

The next day in Sorrento we bussed to the Amalfi Coast, it was an hour and a half bus ride around mountains where the road was on the cliff edge. It made me really nervous because the bus driver was driving way too fast and there were more than a few moments where the was a collective gasp from everyone in the bus, nearly hitting cars etc. I felt pretty motion sick afterwards…

The bus ride was worth it though. The coast was absolutely beautiful! We spent some time at the small beach, they had loungers for hire so we hired some and spent half of the afternoon swimming in the warm water and drying off on the loungers.

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Just a little bit of history: Pompeii

We left for Sorrento the next morning which turned out to be a bit of an exhausting trip, we had to catch two trains to get to Naples and then a third train to get to Sorrento. We had been told to be very aware in Naples because of how dodgy it is, well we weren’t even off the train yet before we witnessed just how dodgy it can be.

I’m walking off of the train and felt something pull my bag, so I turn around to find a guy trying to open my bag up! I was semi shocked and really angry so started yelling at him, he clearly didn’t expect it because he backed right up. We got off the train and the guy disappeared so I couldn’t get security on him. Then as we were waiting for our train to Sorrento we noticed a young guy blatantly trying to pick pocket people as they pushed in to the train. He was seriously just staring at people’s bags and pockets and trying to unzip them without caring who saw! I shoved one of them out of the way as he tried to get into an elderly mans bag, Naples brought out the feistiness is me.

Sorrento was really pretty and picturesque, I was glad we ended up staying there instead of right in Naples. We were staying at a hostel, it was a pretty nice hostel except it was the kind that didn’t have kitchen facilities for guests to use and instead it had a bar and restaurant. However we ended up splitting €5 pizza between two so it worked out fine.


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And finally on to Italy!

We landed in Bari and caught a taxi to our B&B; straight from the get go we were very wary of the gypsies as they were all hanging out at the ferry terminal trying to get travellers to give them money etc. As we’ve heard all of these stories about them stealing off of you and doing things like chucking babies or dolls at you to get your stuff while you catch said baby/doll etc, it was kind of freaky. We didn’t really have any problems in Bari luckily!

I’m not sure how I felt about Bari, I thought I wouldn’t like it but I quite enjoyed it yet for no reason in particular. It wasn’t very pretty where we stayed, it was dirty and there was graffiti and homeless people everywhere. However we went a bit out of Bari and it was actually quite pretty further out. I don’t think I would ever have a reason to visit Bari again though, once is enough.

We spent the rest of the day chilling at the B&B and got food for the night, the night at the B&B sucked. There was no air conditioning so it was super hot, we opened the balcony doors in our room and found that it was incredibly loud. So it was either sleep in a sauna or not get a lot of sleep with the noise; we chose the noise. Least to say we all didn’t get much sleep, and we didn’t even do anything fun to not sleep!

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