A Rock Festival in Budapest

After Prague we made our way to Budapest, Hungary via bus.

In Budapest we had the five day tickets to the week long rock festival Sziget. Alesha and I went to Budapest by ourselves as Aleisha went to Budapest a day earlier so she could get to the Sziget festival to see a band she really wanted to see that was playing the day Alesha and I were planning on arriving there. Alicia went to Austria instead because it was a place she ┬áreally wanted to see and she wasn’t going to the Sziget festival with us. I wanted to go to Austria as well however I wanted a decent amount of time in Austria and one full day wasn’t going to be enough, plus as I knew I was going to live in London I knew I would be able to see Austria another time and would make better time.

The bus ride was the longest ten hours of my life, we left super early and the seats were very uncomfortable so there was no sleeping. The bus was meant to have wifi but the wifi didn’t work which sucked, however this bus was a bit fancy and had movie screens in the back of the seats so we could pass the time watching movies. Too bad it wasn’t a little more spacious.

When we got to Budapest it was raining and it was miserable trying to figure out how to get to the apartment we had booked. When we bought our train tickets the person at the window didn’t speak any english and the train maps were terrible, we had no idea where we had to go or how to get there. Some english speaking guys ended up being in the same boat as us so they helped us find where we needed to go and how to get there, then off we went.

The apartment in Budapest was insanely cheap, when we found it we realised it was because it was a student dorm and wasn’t the cleanest. Who cares though right? It was cheap and we weren’t going to be spending much time in it anyway. It had beds and a bathroom, albeit a shared bathroom but whatever. Aleisha met us at the apartment and we got ready to go out for our first night of Sziget!


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