The Ultimate Party Island in Greece – Ios

We had to wake up at 4:30am in Athens to get a 7:15am ferry to Ios, Greece (FYI you pronounce it EE-OSS) because we were nearly an hour out from the port and we had to board the ferry an hour prior. I hate early mornings. When we got to the train we realized the train wasn’t open yet and started freaking out about how we would get to the port, luckily for us the station opened ten minutes after we arrived, so we got on a train and made it to the port fine.

To travel between the greek islands, the best way to do it is to ferry across (It’s not cheap). All of the small islands don’t have airports anyway so you have to fly into Athens or a bigger island (Like Crete) and ferry across to them.

The ferry ride was tiring, it was a long ride (Although not as long as the ferry from Dubrovnik to Bari) and the seats weren’t comfortable at all. I tried sleeping with my legs up on the window sill but that didn’t really work. By the time we got to Ios we were glad to be off the ferry, grabbing our luggage though was a bit of a mission as well because of the mass amounts of people getting off of the ferry. We managed it okay with nothing lost, we then found the person holding the sign that had the name of our hostel, Francesco’s, on it and asked them if we were able to get a ride with them up as we hadn’t organised a transfer from the ferry to the hostel. Luckily for us there was room and it was all fine.

Ios (7)

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