Powering on Through Mykonos

I suppose one thing we learnt was that if  you’re going to go to both of the greek party islands, Mykonos and Ios, then split them up and go to somewhere chill and nice in between, like Santorini. We went to Mykonos straight after Ios, and it was hard to continue on partying and really enjoy it.

On the day we ferried out to Mykonos I was insanely hung over, the night before had been the night I had gotten way too drunk in Ios. I’m not complaining, Ios was insane and fun and crazy and I don’t regret anything. But being on the ferry while being hung over was very hard. Ferrying to the next party island? Uh yeah, we didn’t think that through. We got to Mykonos fine and I managed to contain my hangover.

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