Bridges and Towers of London

The Tower Bridge, the London Bridge and the Tower of London are all different things FYI. That was confusing.

First off we spent the morning booking flights and things that we hadn’t yet booked. Then we made our way to the post office for Alesha to pick up a package (which the post office lost somehow), Alicia sent a couple of items home and then Alicia and I made our way out.



We wanted to see the Tower of London, however we got confused and went to London Bridge. Thus we got photos of the Tower Bridge (I’m standing on The London Bridge).
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Normality of it all

Sunday wasn’t a very busy day which was nice. I met up with my cousins for brunch in the morning, everyone in London was hungover because of the ‘football’ the night before.



We then spent the afternoon browsing through shops.


(Boring photo…)
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London’s sights

We were informed by Alesha’s friend of a free walking of tour called the Sandeman walking tour which took us around the main sights of London. I actually quite enjoyed the tour as the guide was funny and it was a light quick tour, nothing intense. It was technically free but of course you paid something, it was just whatever you thought it was worth. Had I not been on a budget, I would have given more than I had.


Waiting for the tour to start.


The tour started in Covent Garden Piazza.
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“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”

London. London. London.

Wow. To start off with, the tube? Amazing. Takes you everywhere! The historic buildings, cobbled footpaths and red bricked pubs are exciting. And I couldn’t stop admiring the gorgeous men scenery. (Joking!)

Let me start at the beginning, my cousin Alesha met us at the airport which was lovely of her to do since she had to wake up super early and catch the tube at 5:50am to get there on time (Thank you Alesha! :D).


Alesha’s sign she made for us. Super cute.
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