Quirkiness is the only word.

We arrived in Prague and made our way to the apartment we were staying in, we had opted to stay in an apartment instead of a hostel for Prague because it was way cheaper.

This apartment was very interesting, well maybe I should say the inhabitants were interesting. There was something going on there and we couldn’t quite figure out what it was. We spent most of our time out though so it was fine.

Alesha ended up being really sick while we were in Prague so she chilled out most of the time trying to get better. Aleisha, Alicia and I went and did a free walking tour of Prague, however, unfortunately for us we didn’t really enjoy it because the guide wasn’t the most interesting guide. We ended up leaving half way though and carrying on ourselves.

The Astronomical Clock was one of the most famous buildings in Prague but also voted one of the most disappointing sightseeing attractions. Every hour the clock will chime and there will be a little show, so every hour the square was so packed you couldn’t get through. The ‘show’ was the disappointing part; puppet things would come out and that was it really. Continue reading