The sailing cruise

We spent a week sailing around the Croatian Islands on a yacht! Seriously had one of the best weeks ever. It was a Medsailors cruise (there are a lot of these cruises like Sail Croatia which are on big ferry things), but ours was on yachts. So there were us six girls in one yacht (we were pretty lucky because we had expected to be put with another four random people), the other two girls being Alesha’s, Aleisha’s and Alicia’s uni friends that live with Alesha in London; Jess and Nyssa. They are pretty awesome chicks!

So we arrived at the Marina in Split via a taxi (the taxi driver was super rude and kicked us out of the taxi because we were taking so long…), and dropped our luggage off on our yacht; Minorca. We met our awesome skipper who was an older Italian man named Giovanni. He was actually really funny and cool, he made our trip really. We were lucky we got him though because this was his fourth and last season and he knew what he was doing so we didn’t have any problems like some of the other yachts with their younger and newer skippers.


Minorca was the only proper sailing yacht, all the other yachts were just normal yachts I think.

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