Kings Landing

We spent the weekend in Dubrovnik after the cruise, we thought it was really pretty and interesting.

The old town of Dubrovnik served as quite a few locations of filming for Game of Thrones, super exciting! It was Kings Landing and the red keep mainly but then they used other locations throughout the show. The wharf that Sansa stands on in one ep, black water bay and then the house of undying in Qarth. Only game of thrones watchers may know any of that.

We met up with some girls we had met on the cruise and did the walk around the old wall of the old city. It was insanely hot! I couldn’t handle it, I bought a fan to try and keep my cool but the air was so hot it didn’t really work.

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The sailing cruise

We spent a week sailing around the Croatian Islands on a yacht! Seriously had one of the best weeks ever. It was a Medsailors cruise (there are a lot of these cruises like Sail Croatia which are on big ferry things), but ours was on yachts. So there were us six girls in one yacht (we were pretty lucky because we had expected to be put with another four random people), the other two girls being Alesha’s, Aleisha’s and Alicia’s uni friends that live with Alesha in London; Jess and Nyssa. They are pretty awesome chicks!

So we arrived at the Marina in Split via a taxi (the taxi driver was super rude and kicked us out of the taxi because we were taking so long…), and dropped our luggage off on our yacht; Minorca. We met our awesome skipper who was an older Italian man named Giovanni. He was actually really funny and cool, he made our trip really. We were lucky we got him though because this was his fourth and last season and he knew what he was doing so we didn’t have any problems like some of the other yachts with their younger and newer skippers.


Minorca was the only proper sailing yacht, all the other yachts were just normal yachts I think.

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Croatia, you beauty

Croatia was incredibly beautiful. We were so busy there that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write this post, actually I’m having trouble remembering everything we did already because of how busy we’ve been. Sorry for neglecting people that have been messaging! I seriously just haven’t had time to sit down and reply to anyone.

We arrived in Zadar from Paris late at night so had to catch a taxi to our hostel. The taxi ride cost 150 kunas which freaked us out because of the high number and not quite knowing the conversion rate. We found out later that it was about 15 pounds (way easier to convert to pounds if we needed to figure out a ball point mark of price), which was about $30 NZD. Although admittedly we’ve all stopped converting now because prices are relatively the same, although croatia was dirt cheap with a lot of things.

We spent our one full day in Zadar on a tour at the Plitvice lakes which were inland. The tour guide gave us a rundown of Croatia’s history as well which was pretty interesting! Just don’t ask me to repeat it haha. The lakes were pretty amazing.


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