Dealing with Post-Holiday Blues

You know that feeling of sadness and loss you feel when you get back from  a holiday where you had the most amazing time? Yeah, I get those post holiday blues too.

I recently got back from Turkey, I only did a week sailing trip there through Medsailors but I had the most amazing, fun week. I need to travel around Turkey properly though, there are so many things I want to see. But as soon as I got back from sunny, hot Turkey to rainy, cold London I felt sad and horrible.

Post holiday blues are horrible, you feel really sad that you’re not travelling any more and all you want to do is get back on a plane and go anywhere but here. Especially if you’ve just come from a sunny, hot country to a cold, raining one.

Not to fear, there are ways you can deal with this sooner rather than later.

They ways I dealt with the blues were:

PH 20x20 Unpack and clean up

I feel like cleaning is therapeutic, so the first thing I did when I got home was unpack my bag, put everything away, put a load of washing on and tidied up my room. It was nice having a clean space even though I was sorely missing the cramped room on the yacht I had just spent a week in. I now didn’t have to worry about doing all of this stuff later, when I would probably feel worse later.

PH 20x20 Eat and watch TV

I made poached eggs on toast and watched some TV, getting some food into my stomach instantly made me feel a little better. Often times I find the reason I’m so moody is because I’m hungry and just need something to eat.

Chilling out and watching TV was also good, it took my mind off of the sunny skies, the blue water and hot beach. However, I do have to admit it was hard to concentrate sometimes.

PH 20x20 Go outside and do something

I gave up watching TV after a while because sitting still made me fidgety and it got to a point that the TV wasn’t working as a distraction any more. So I got dressed, went outside and walked to the shops down the road. I wandered in and out of shops window shopping, grabbed a coffee, sat in the park, patted a few dogs and tried to make the most of being outside. Even though it wasn’t sunny it was nice to get out of the house and stop moping around about missing the holiday.

PH 20x20 See some friends

If any of your friends are free, go meet up with them and have  a chat. They will want to hear all about your holiday but it will be fun getting to tell them your stories, and missing your holiday with someone else is always better than missing it by yourself.

PH 20x20 Sleep

Seriously, I was so tired when I got back. My flight from Dalaman, Turkey was at 2:45am and I had only managed to get around a half hour sleep in the airport. The plane was so uncomfortable, so falling a sleep was hard, I’m pretty sure I only managed to get bits and pieces of sleep on the four-hour flight home. I doubt I will ever book myself on such a bad timed flight again!

So sleeping my bad mood off worked, I went to bed early that night and when I woke up naturally in the morning I felt a whole lot better for it. Things were starting to feel normal again, I didn’t feel like I was mourning the loss of the warmth, the sun and the sand any more, I felt refreshed.

PH 20x20 Write your travels down:

Write about your travels or your holiday in a diary, it will be nice to read over later in life and recounting your trip so early after you’ve finished it will be easy. That way you get it all out of your system now and as the days go on you will get back into routine and stop feeling so sad and lost.

PH 20x20 Plan your next trip!

If you don’t have a next trip planned, then plan the next one! The world is your oyster. Research places you want to go, figure out a good time to go, plan with your annual leave, ask around if anyone is interested in going, make an itinerary, make a must-do list for the place you want to go, plan a budget. Book your next flights.

Planning a new trip is definitely a great way to get rid of the post holiday blues because now you will be looking forward to a new trip!

Missing your holiday and the fun times is hard, but the feeling doesn’t last forever.

I hate getting the post holiday blues, especially if I don’t have another trip planned or the people I was on holiday with / travelling with continue on travelling and I couldn’t go with them. But these ways help ease the pain of missing the great time I just had. I hope they help you too!

Do you get post holiday blues often? What do you do to combat the feeling? How do you handle it?



Reindeer Porridge and Brown Cheese in Oslo

After the drama at the airport in Crete after we missed the check in time for our flight (After doing this once, I will never do this again!), we arrived in Oslo, Norway to see my lovely friend and old pen pal Line (Pronounced LEE-NA). We worked Norway into our travelling itinerary especially to see her and it ended up being amazing.

Firstly, it was so cool getting to see Line again, Line and her friend Mathilde (Pronounced MA-TIL-DA) travelled around New Zealand back in 2010, Line and I had been pen pals before then so we met up when they were in Auckland.

Secondly, the outskirts of Oslo are incredibly beautiful! We stayed with Line and at the time she lived with her parents in the country. The Norwegian countryside was so gorgeous and lush!

Thirdly, Line cooked us some amazing typical Norwegian dishes and I fell in love with their foods. Continue reading

Powering on Through Mykonos

I suppose one thing we learnt was that if  you’re going to go to both of the greek party islands, Mykonos and Ios, then split them up and go to somewhere chill and nice in between, like Santorini. We went to Mykonos straight after Ios, and it was hard to continue on partying and really enjoy it.

On the day we ferried out to Mykonos I was insanely hung over, the night before had been the night I had gotten way too drunk in Ios. I’m not complaining, Ios was insane and fun and crazy and I don’t regret anything. But being on the ferry while being hung over was very hard. Ferrying to the next party island? Uh yeah, we didn’t think that through. We got to Mykonos fine and I managed to contain my hangover.

Mykonos (7) Continue reading

The Ultimate Party Island in Greece – Ios

We had to wake up at 4:30am in Athens to get a 7:15am ferry to Ios, Greece (FYI you pronounce it EE-OSS) because we were nearly an hour out from the port and we had to board the ferry an hour prior. I hate early mornings. When we got to the train we realized the train wasn’t open yet and started freaking out about how we would get to the port, luckily for us the station opened ten minutes after we arrived, so we got on a train and made it to the port fine.

To travel between the greek islands, the best way to do it is to ferry across (It’s not cheap). All of the small islands don’t have airports anyway so you have to fly into Athens or a bigger island (Like Crete) and ferry across to them.

The ferry ride was tiring, it was a long ride (Although not as long as the ferry from Dubrovnik to Bari) and the seats weren’t comfortable at all. I tried sleeping with my legs up on the window sill but that didn’t really work. By the time we got to Ios we were glad to be off the ferry, grabbing our luggage though was a bit of a mission as well because of the mass amounts of people getting off of the ferry. We managed it okay with nothing lost, we then found the person holding the sign that had the name of our hostel, Francesco’s, on it and asked them if we were able to get a ride with them up as we hadn’t organised a transfer from the ferry to the hostel. Luckily for us there was room and it was all fine.

Ios (7)

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Walking Through History in Athens

After partying for a week in Budapest, Alesha, Alicia and I arrived in Athens, Greece at night and took the metro to the apartment we were staying in. Aleisha had gone on to Greece a few days before Alesha and I left Budapest as Aleisha wanted to see different parts of Greece and it was the one country that she was dying to see and spend more of her time in.

I had somehow hurt my ankle in Budapest, I remembered rolling it off of a tram track (I was not drunk at the time either! Just clumsily crossing the road…) and thinking nothing of it but a few days later I was finding it incredibly hard to walk on it. So walking with a 18kg backpack on a sore ankle was excruciating. That is definitely something I don’t want to experience again…

The apartment we were staying in was very nice, it was modern, clean and had air conditioning which was great because Athens was hot.

The first day we all went out to find food but it turned out the cafe’s and restaurants near us didn’t have any English menus… So we ended up at the bakery, the sandwiches we got were actually really yummy and pretty cheap. We bought groceries to make lunch and dinner though which ends up cheaper and nicer since we could make whatever we wanted. Europe also has very cheap grocery stores called Lidl, and there was one around the corner from us so everything worked out perfectly.

Alicia and I then ventured out to the Acropolis to see the Parthenon and whatnot, Alesha decided to stay home because she was still sick from Budapest and wanted to get better. We had tried to find an open doctor or hospital for her to see someone and for me to get my ankle looked at but everything was closed as it was a weekend.

The Parthenon was very cool and interesting, but the super hot day sucked for it and my ankle made it very uncomfortable for me. So I got exhausted quickly and I don’t think I enjoyed the end of the day as much as I could have. I was still super excited to see everything though.

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A Rock Festival in Budapest

After Prague we made our way to Budapest, Hungary via bus.

In Budapest we had the five day tickets to the week long rock festival Sziget. Alesha and I went to Budapest by ourselves as Aleisha went to Budapest a day earlier so she could get to the Sziget festival to see a band she really wanted to see that was playing the day Alesha and I were planning on arriving there. Alicia went to Austria instead because it was a place she  really wanted to see and she wasn’t going to the Sziget festival with us. I wanted to go to Austria as well however I wanted a decent amount of time in Austria and one full day wasn’t going to be enough, plus as I knew I was going to live in London I knew I would be able to see Austria another time and would make better time.

The bus ride was the longest ten hours of my life, we left super early and the seats were very uncomfortable so there was no sleeping. The bus was meant to have wifi but the wifi didn’t work which sucked, however this bus was a bit fancy and had movie screens in the back of the seats so we could pass the time watching movies. Too bad it wasn’t a little more spacious.

When we got to Budapest it was raining and it was miserable trying to figure out how to get to the apartment we had booked. When we bought our train tickets the person at the window didn’t speak any english and the train maps were terrible, we had no idea where we had to go or how to get there. Some english speaking guys ended up being in the same boat as us so they helped us find where we needed to go and how to get there, then off we went.

The apartment in Budapest was insanely cheap, when we found it we realised it was because it was a student dorm and wasn’t the cleanest. Who cares though right? It was cheap and we weren’t going to be spending much time in it anyway. It had beds and a bathroom, albeit a shared bathroom but whatever. Aleisha met us at the apartment and we got ready to go out for our first night of Sziget!


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