What content makes you visit a blog?

When you’re perusing your bloglovin’ or RSS feed reader: What kind of blog posts catch your eye?

For me it’s the posts with a catchy title. Sometimes it may be the image that comes with the post.

I feel like title’s are so important when it comes to blogging, the title is the first thing a reader will read of your post. If it’s something catchy, it’s more than likely the reader will want to click your post to see what you have to say.I always find myself reading posts where the title is a question, or it’s something unique.

I’ve found that I generally ignore posts that look generated, meaning posts that look like everyone posts them. Such as meme’s or reviews. Ironic since I also post reviews right?

PH 20x20 Book Reviews

I feel particularly guilty admitting this, since I also do like to review books I read.

To be honest, I only read book reviews if it’s a review of a book I’ve already read or it’s a book that I want to read. Book reviews of books that I haven’t heard of I don’t usually read, I’m just not interested in them because I know nothing about them.

I suppose this can be seen as closed-minded to books and their content, but I would rather use my time reading blog posts I’m drawn to, and I’m just not drawn to book reviews. Continue reading


How do you relax when you’re stressed?

When I get stressed, I get stressed. For some reason I go over the top, I feel so stressed that I can’t eat or focus on a single thing.

The other day I stated that I was currently reading three books at once. Which is highly unusual for me.

That’s because recently I have been so busy and stressed about things in my life that I just haven’t been able to get into the books I’ve been reading. Which prompted me to start another book, and then another book when I couldn’t concentrate on that one either.

Don’t you hate it when you can’t concentrate on anything like reading a book you thought you were dying to read because you’re so worried about something else? Do you find there are certain things that set this mindset off for you?

For me I’ve noticed there are a few things that will generally be the reason that I can’t get into my book or focus on anything else. And when it comes down to these reasons it usually has nothing to do with the book itself.

PH 20x20 Stress. Anxiety. Worry PH 20x20

Whenever I’m very stressed, anxious or worried about something I can usually never focus on reading a book or getting anything else done. I’ll try to sit down and read my book so I can escape the reasons why I’m so stressed, but they’re always there at the back of my mind, it’s like I can’t escape it until the event that is stressing me out or making me anxious is over. It’s not fair really, I can never fully relax when I get like that.

Solving this problem:

PH 20x20 Get organised PH 20x20

If I’m anxious, worried or stressed then the best way to tackle those feelings is to organise myself best as I can. Focus on the event that’s making me anxious and organise how best to handle it. For example, at the moment, one of the things I’m stressing about (Yes, there’s more than one) is moving back to London in a week. Which I am beyond excited about, but I’m also super stressed about it because there is so much to organise here at home, and then over there in London.

Luckily for me, I have a flat to live in, so that’s one less major worry.

I’ve done a few things to help lessen the stress, which are: Continue reading