What content makes you visit a blog?

When you’re perusing your bloglovin’ or RSS feed reader: What kind of blog posts catch your eye?

For me it’s the posts with a catchy title. Sometimes it may be the image that comes with the post.

I feel like title’s are so important when it comes to blogging, the title is the first thing a reader will read of your post. If it’s something catchy, it’s more than likely the reader will want to click your post to see what you have to say.I always find myself reading posts where the title is a question, or it’s something unique.

I’ve found that I generally ignore posts that look generated, meaning posts that look like everyone posts them. Such as meme’s or reviews. Ironic since I also post reviews right?

PH 20x20 Book Reviews

I feel particularly guilty admitting this, since I also do like to review books I read.

To be honest, I only read book reviews if it’s a review of a book I’ve already read or it’s a book that I want to read. Book reviews of books that I haven’t heard of I don’t usually read, I’m just not interested in them because I know nothing about them.

I suppose this can be seen as closed-minded to books and their content, but I would rather use my time reading blog posts I’m drawn to, and I’m just not drawn to book reviews. Continue reading


How do you keep track of your favourite blogs?

When you find a blog you like to read, how do you keep track of them? How do you follow their posts?

If you’re a seasoned blogger, you probably have a Bloglovin account or use an RSS feed reader.

If you just like to read a lot of blogs or articles then chances are you have subscribed to those blogs via email or maybe you’ve just added the blogs handles on social media.

You can follow blogs a number of ways:
Internet Browser BookmarksI used to add all of my favourite blogs to a group on my bookmarks page. Then I would visit the blogs most days to see if they had posted new articles.

I found out very fast how time-consuming this was and how much space this takes up in your bookmarks, but it is one way to save your favourite blogs and keep track of them.

In my opinion, it’s definitely not a very efficient way to follow your favourite blogs. Continue reading