I’m a 20-something year old just trying to experience life positively, healthily, with no regrets, and having fun a long the way.

My name is Jordon and Jordon’s Travels is a place that I will record my experiences travelling, as well as various other lifestyle posts.

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I will journal my experiences travelling for my self, I want to keep track of places I have been and countries I have visited. Sites I have seen and experiences that have happened to me.


When it’s my turn to cook dinner or I’m hosting a dinner party, I often forget what meals I usually love to make. So I will post recipes that I like here on Jordon’s Travels to keep track of them and for easy reference.


I love to read and often have a good book on my kindle when I’m flying somewhere, flying is awfully boring if you don’t have a good book or music to listen to. I will be posting discussions, book reviews and anything else related to books.


Any DIY instructions that I find useful may be put on here, it may be home made beauty ideas or crafty things.



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