Dealing with Post-Holiday Blues

You know that feeling of sadness and loss you feel when you get back from  a holiday where you had the most amazing time? Yeah, I get those post holiday blues too.

I recently got back from Turkey, I only did a week sailing trip there through Medsailors but I had the most amazing, fun week. I need to travel around Turkey properly though, there are so many things I want to see. But as soon as I got back from sunny, hot Turkey to rainy, cold London I felt sad and horrible.

Post holiday blues are horrible, you feel really sad that you’re not travelling any more and all you want to do is get back on a plane and go anywhere but here. Especially if you’ve just come from a sunny, hot country to a cold, raining one.

Not to fear, there are ways you can deal with this sooner rather than later.

They ways I dealt with the blues were:

PH 20x20 Unpack and clean up

I feel like cleaning is therapeutic, so the first thing I did when I got home was unpack my bag, put everything away, put a load of washing on and tidied up my room. It was nice having a clean space even though I was sorely missing the cramped room on the yacht I had just spent a week in. I now didn’t have to worry about doing all of this stuff later, when I would probably feel worse later.

PH 20x20 Eat and watch TV

I made poached eggs on toast and watched some TV, getting some food into my stomach instantly made me feel a little better. Often times I find the reason I’m so moody is because I’m hungry and just need something to eat.

Chilling out and watching TV was also good, it took my mind off of the sunny skies, the blue water and hot beach. However, I do have to admit it was hard to concentrate sometimes.

PH 20x20 Go outside and do something

I gave up watching TV after a while because sitting still made me fidgety and it got to a point that the TV wasn’t working as a distraction any more. So I got dressed, went outside and walked to the shops down the road. I wandered in and out of shops window shopping, grabbed a coffee, sat in the park, patted a few dogs and tried to make the most of being outside. Even though it wasn’t sunny it was nice to get out of the house and stop moping around about missing the holiday.

PH 20x20 See some friends

If any of your friends are free, go meet up with them and have  a chat. They will want to hear all about your holiday but it will be fun getting to tell them your stories, and missing your holiday with someone else is always better than missing it by yourself.

PH 20x20 Sleep

Seriously, I was so tired when I got back. My flight from Dalaman, Turkey was at 2:45am and I had only managed to get around a half hour sleep in the airport. The plane was so uncomfortable, so falling a sleep was hard, I’m pretty sure I only managed to get bits and pieces of sleep on the four-hour flight home. I doubt I will ever book myself on such a bad timed flight again!

So sleeping my bad mood off worked, I went to bed early that night and when I woke up naturally in the morning I felt a whole lot better for it. Things were starting to feel normal again, I didn’t feel like I was mourning the loss of the warmth, the sun and the sand any more, I felt refreshed.

PH 20x20 Write your travels down:

Write about your travels or your holiday in a diary, it will be nice to read over later in life and recounting your trip so early after you’ve finished it will be easy. That way you get it all out of your system now and as the days go on you will get back into routine and stop feeling so sad and lost.

PH 20x20 Plan your next trip!

If you don’t have a next trip planned, then plan the next one! The world is your oyster. Research places you want to go, figure out a good time to go, plan with your annual leave, ask around if anyone is interested in going, make an itinerary, make a must-do list for the place you want to go, plan a budget. Book your next flights.

Planning a new trip is definitely a great way to get rid of the post holiday blues because now you will be looking forward to a new trip!

Missing your holiday and the fun times is hard, but the feeling doesn’t last forever.

I hate getting the post holiday blues, especially if I don’t have another trip planned or the people I was on holiday with / travelling with continue on travelling and I couldn’t go with them. But these ways help ease the pain of missing the great time I just had. I hope they help you too!

Do you get post holiday blues often? What do you do to combat the feeling? How do you handle it?



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