I found happiness when I left my comfort zone

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In Dubrovnik, CroatiaAs I’ve already said, I spontaneously went travelling around Europe for three months last year.

Yes, that’s how this blog started. I’m still sharing my stories about my trip.

When I was travelling, I noticed I felt… lighter for lack of a better word. I was laughing more, I couldn’t wait to get out of bed every morning, I wanted to get up early. That’s when I suddenly realised how unhappy I had been before I had left. I never knew just how unhappy I had been in my life, I had always thought I was a generally happy and bubbly person. But then when I started to feel happy, I realised how much of a difference it felt.

Enjoying the sun in MykonosI notice I’m a lot more positive now. I always jump to see the positive side of things, when people ask me ‘How are you?’, I genuinely answer with ‘I’m great, thanks!’, it’s not a brush-off answer and it’s not the automated message everyone tends to say to this question. I’m genuinely great, and thank you for asking.

I never have anything to complain about, unless it’s the London cold or wishing I had more money to go travelling with… I notice negativity easier and I try to make those people see the positive side of life. But then I also try to stay away from the negativity, I don’t want to be dragged down that rabbit hole again and I do feel it’s easy to do when you hang around people who hate their life and aren’t willing to try to change it.

And I love it. Being happy is a great thing.

I used to be negative, not on purpose, my sense of humour was sarcasm and it wasn’t funny. I look back now and realise sarcasm probably brought other people down too. It makes other people feel dumb and stupid, I know it made me feel dumb and stupid whenever I was on the end of the sarcasm stick. I like to think I’ve discovered my sense of humour since then, and it isn’t sarcasm.

Travelling was the best three months of my life.

In Bari, ItalyBecause of it I discovered my self-confidence again. I realised I’m actually an intelligent person, I’m not the ‘dumb’ blonde I thought I was. I love seeing history. I learned how to be positive.

I learned what happy feels like.

I now encourage everyone to go travelling, I feel like it’s a necessity of life. To see the world, learn other cultures by experiencing them, don’t be embarrassed to be a tourist, don’t judge tourists if you categorise yourself as an adventurer.

Most of all: have fun, be positive, and find happiness.

The Writer Behind the Words: I’m happier now than I’ve been in a long time

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