I used to run another blog and why I gave it up

The Writer Behind the Words with Jordon's Travels
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It was solely a book blog.

Miss Book Reviews - My old Blog

I had a lot of fun running this blog and met a lot of cool people.

However I stopped blogging in late 2013 because I was suddenly finding it exhausting to write and run a book blog at the same time as trying to live my life. I couldn’t get the right balance of work, blogging and life and it made me feel like I was being recluse and not actually living my life.

I like writing, and blogging is the way I can write. I never realised how much time blogging takes up in your life, and I know all bloggers say that when they first started, they never realised the time it takes to run a good blog, with great content that gets people coming back for more.

In VeniceThen when I went travelling last year I decided to start this blog so my family (mainly my mum) could keep track of my travels. Blogging while backpacking is actually really hard, especially if you aren’t staying in places for very long. At first I was blogging every day, and then I discovered that I just didn’t have time for it, and then eventually I stopped altogether because I was experiencing other countries, cultures and making new friends. I was out all the time and because I didn’t have days on end at a place I just didn’t have time to write. My mum was not very impressed by this of course, she wanted to know what I was up to.

A costume party - Nerd ThemeNow that I’ve settled down into London, I’m hoping to have time to sit down and write every now and then. I know realistically it won’t be as often as I’m hoping, because I’m just so busy and I still want to live my life and socialise etc.

I haven’t gone back to Miss Book Reviews because I want to use this blog as a lifestyle blog. I don’t want to be restricted with what I post, so I will post anything I want, whether it’s about travelling, books or what life is up to right now. Miss Book Reviews was dedicated to book related posts and I found it just didn’t fit my needs any more.

I do enjoy writing, which is the reason I started a blog to begin with. That and I love to read. Now I can write and blog about anything I wish to. I just hope people want to read it!

The Writer Behind the Words, Part 4: I used to run another blog

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4 thoughts on “I used to run another blog and why I gave it up

  1. Lee @ Rally the Readers says:

    Blogging can be so time consuming, and I still struggle at times with finding a balance between work, blogging, reading, and everything else. Sometimes I get frustrated with not having the time to do all of the reading/blogging stuff that I would like to, but that’s when I have to take a step back and remember that it’s not supposed to feel like another job, lol. I’m glad that you’ve returned to the blogosphere, Jordon! :)

    • Jordon says:

      You do quite well though! Having come back to London and trying to get back into life, it’s been so hard balancing everything. I’ve been so exhausted over the past month I haven’t had time to write any more posts… Which is what I didn’t want to happen! I need to carve out time in my week to do this :)

  2. SERIESous Book Reviews says:

    I totally get the exhaustion of writing a book blog! I go through spurts where I can’t get enough and other times when it feels like a chore. I really benefit from the scheduling option when I have those inspirational spurts so I usually have content during times where I don’t have the time or energy to blog.

    I keep a journal when I go on trips and I often get so caught up in the trip that I forget to write what happened each day…and scramble to write down the basic details a few days after the trip :P

  3. Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity says:

    Finding a balance IS really hard, and I can definitely understand wanting to move away from solely books, and post about other things in your life, as well! I have been so behind in blogging, and I feel so guilty, when I really shouldn’t feel like that. Blogging DOES take up more time than I ever expected, but that doesn’t mean I have to shove everything else aside and focus all my energy on it. Even though it is really important to me, I have to be realistic about it.

    I’m glad you’ve carved out a space for yourself where you can write about anything! :D

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