What content makes you visit a blog?

When you’re perusing your bloglovin’ or RSS feed reader: What kind of blog posts catch your eye?

For me it’s the posts with a catchy title. Sometimes it may be the image that comes with the post.

I feel like title’s are so important when it comes to blogging, the title is the first thing a reader will read of your post. If it’s something catchy, it’s more than likely the reader will want to click your post to see what you have to say.I always find myself reading posts where the title is a question, or it’s something unique.

I’ve found that I generally ignore posts that look generated, meaning posts that look like everyone posts them. Such as meme’s or reviews. Ironic since I also post reviews right?

PH 20x20 Book Reviews

I feel particularly guilty admitting this, since I also do like to review books I read.

To be honest, I only read book reviews if it’s a review of a book I’ve already read or it’s a book that I want to read. Book reviews of books that I haven’t heard of I don’t usually read, I’m just not interested in them because I know nothing about them.

I suppose this can be seen as closed-minded to books and their content, but I would rather use my time reading blog posts I’m drawn to, and I’m just not drawn to book reviews.

PH 20x20 Meme’s

Meme’s are posts that I rarely read or click on; I actually despise them. They’re the posts that a whole lot of people post on the same day, like: Top Ten Tuesday (This one isn’t so bad as I do enjoy a list sometimes), Waiting on Wednesday, Follow Friday.

The upsides to these posts are that you usually post your link to your post on a ‘linky’ that links up all of the same meme’s and other people can find and are directed to your blog. So you do get traffic and possibly more readers that will sign up to your blog. But as for originality, these posts I find boring and repetitive and don’t often read.

I do have to admit though that meme’s are more of a community thing though. I mean they certainly wouldn’t drive non-bloggers to your blog.

PH 20x20 DIY – Do It Yourself

I love seeing posts that show you how to do something your self. Such as these Floral Ice Cubes for summer, this pine serving tray, this skirt made into a dress or this stained glass soap. It always looks like so much fun to make these things yourself, and it’s so easy!

However I haven’t really made anything, not unless it’s something easy and something I need. The floral ice cubes are a cute idea, however they also seem pretty impractical since I never finish my drink before the ice cubes melt. And if you let these ice cubes melt, you have flowers in your drink and then you probably can’t drink your drink any more…

PH 20x20 Discussions

I love discussion posts. In my opinion I think discussion posts are what really drive people to blogs. Especially if it’s discussing a topic people are interested in; people just love to discuss things and share their opinions.

So I always find myself at blogs that post more discussion posts than anything else. Especially if it’s on a topic I am interested in.

PH 20x20 Tutorials

How to...I also like reading tutorials on things I am interested in or use. Like Photoshop, WordPress, blog writing, creative writing and anything really that has to do with travel, books, blogging, cooking or the computer. I love learning new things! I think it’s a natural instinct for people to want to learn something new.

So in my opinion I also find tutorials would push people to read your blog. You just have to find out what you’re very knowledgeable in that people what to learn about.

PH 20x20 Lists

ListI find everyone loves a good list. But only if you post those list posts sparingly.

Don’t go posting your ‘Top 10 books to read‘, ‘Top 5 places to travel‘ or ‘Top 100 ways to iron your clothing‘ posts everyday. Spread them out, maybe once a week? People start to get bored if all they can see on your blog are what you think are the ‘top’ of every single thing you have ever done or subject you are knowledgeably on.

That’s not a way to get people to come back and read your blog for very long in my opinion.

PH 20x20 Blog hop’s

When it comes to blog hops, I guess I never really notice  them and if I come across a Blog Hop post, I may actually follow along and ‘hop’ to other blogs if the topic the blog hop is about is something I like.

For example, my guilty pleasure is watching YouTube craft videos; so card making, scrap book designing, sometimes a daily planner organising tutorial. They usually have blog hops that I follow along with because I like to watch the videos. However, I don’t often read the blogs.

PH 20x20 Book Blitz / Book Tours

In the book blogging community there is lot of book blitz and book tours going on, the sole idea of these is to promote the book and get people hearing about it.

As much as I love to read, I have to admit I never actually read book blitz or book tour posts. I just don’t find them interesting to be honest. And as much as I love to read and discuss books, I just feel book blitz and book tour posts can be so generic or boring to read. I’m never interested in partaking in them let alone reading the posts.

However, I do admit that it is a good way for an indie or self published author to get their book out there to people who love to read. The book community is good for that. And even though I don’t read the posts, I still scroll past the post effectively still reading the title of the book. That still counts as promotion.

All in all, lately I’ve just found myself enjoying posts that discuss something or teach me something. I crave to learn and crave to express my opinion.

I do feel bad admitting that I don’t like reading a lot of the posts that a lot of people post on their blog, especially in the book blogging community, but I’m being honest. And honestly, those posts don’t interest me and they don’t make me want to visit your blog.

So I say people, start thinking outside of the box and get original!

What kind of blog posts catch your eye when you’re scrolling through your subscriptions? What kind of posts do you never read or even click on? Don’t be afraid to admit a thing!



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