Reindeer Porridge and Brown Cheese in Oslo

After the drama at the airport in Crete after we missed the check in time for our flight (After doing this once, I will never do this again!), we arrived in Oslo, Norway to see my lovely friend and old pen pal Line (Pronounced LEE-NA). We worked Norway into our travelling itinerary especially to see her and it ended up being amazing.

Firstly, it was so cool getting to see Line again, Line and her friend Mathilde (Pronounced MA-TIL-DA) travelled around New Zealand back in 2010, Line and I had been pen pals before then so we met up when they were in Auckland.

Secondly, the outskirts of Oslo are incredibly beautiful! We stayed with Line and at the time she lived with her parents in the country. The Norwegian countryside was so gorgeous and lush!

Thirdly, Line cooked us some amazing typical Norwegian dishes and I fell in love with their foods.

We arrived in Oslo late at night and first thing we realised after being in very hot Greece, Norway was cold. We had to catch an hour train into central Oslo then an hour train out to the nearest train station where Line was living. We were already tired but as we got on the train in Oslo city to go to the area where we were getting picked up by Line, we encountered drunk people. Now don’t get me wrong, I have definitely been ‘that’ drunk person before. But I was not up for handling drunk people at this time.

These drunk people tried engaging in conversation with us but we were too tired to comply, plus they only spoke broken english and it was too much effort to converse, so we pretended to be asleep. That and they kept wanting us to join in on their karaoke. I was not impressed, there were a few creepy people on the train as well. When we got off at the station where we were meeting Line, so did everyone else, apparently the party was out there. The creepers got off as well, I remember seeing Line straight away and thinking ‘thank god’ because the creepers started following us and the station was nearly pitch black and nearly empty, not including the drunk party goers that had gotten off with us, so I didn’t feel very safe. The creepers turned around and walked the other way once they saw us meeting with our friend, I honestly don’t want to know what they would have done, if anything, if the station had been empty. We didn’t let them ruin anything for us though.

Line’s house was beautiful! So nice and cozy and big. Her family owned farmland so the property was big and the house was spacious and warm.

We spent the first day at Line’s house there just chilling out and starting to search for properties to rent in London, Line had to run some errands in the morning so it gave us some time to do small things. Then that afternoon we went with her and took her dog Echo for a walk.

Norway (3)

Alesha fell in love with Echo as soon as she saw him. To be fair, Echo was a very well behaved dog and was definitely super cute.

Norway (8)Norway (7) Norway (9)

We walked through forest and got to see some beautiful nature. Line also drove us around so we got to see more country and a cool graveyard and church; I have a weird fascination with graveyards. I always find them so beautiful.

Norway (4) Norway (6)  Norway (12)

The next day we went into Oslo and she showed us around the city, we saw a park and caught the train up to the highest hill to see the view. It was pretty cool and so lovely of her to show us around.

Norway (5)

Line and I.

Norway (13)

That little child statue has a superstition, apparently if you touch its left hand it means good luck. That is why the left hand is gold, if you can see it.

Norway (1)

We then finished the afternoon off with having a well deserved glass of wine.

We spent the evening with Line and her boyfriend at a puppy training class, they were training Echo. It was very cute getting to watch all the dogs.

Norway (14)

While we were in Oslo, so was Mathilde. Mathilde actually lives in another party of Norway with her boyfriend, so it worked out well that she was visiting her family in Oslo the same time we were in Oslo. She popped over to Lines for an afternoon and we got to catch up, it was really nice and so cool we got to see her as well.

Norway (2)

Line and I at dinner.

While we stayed in Oslo, Line cooked us some staple Norwegian dishes, and I was automatically sold:

  1. The first dinner was Reindeer stew! I swear she called it Reindeer Porridge but now I can’t quite remember. It was so bizarre but so amazingly yummy. Now I can say I’ve tasted reindeer and it was pretty good.
  2. She also informed us that Norwegians eat sour cream on everything, we had waffles for dessert with jam and sour cream. It was actually delicious! It was weird at first, but then when you try it the flavours actually mix well together. I dare you to try it. Try it then tell me what you think! I guess it also helped we were eating their homemade jam, which was also delicious. I tried gooseberry for the first time and loved it. We also had brown cheese (See below) on the waffles with jam and sour cream, sounds like a weird combo but it was amazing.
  3. She introduced us to brown cheese. Oh. My. God. I instantly got addicted to brown cheese. Brown cheese is cheese that is sweet and melts in your mouth! To me it tastes like soft caramel with the texture of cheese. It was so delicious! At least I thought so, Alesha wasn’t as fussed on it as I was. Line also showed us a cheese slicer that the Norwegians invented. Funny thing is, we have one of these at home in New Zealand, and we used it more like a dessert or cake slicer. The fact that the hole in this is for slicing cheese BLEW MY MIND. Like actually! We had been using it wrong and slicing cheese wrong the whole time.

Norway (11)

I wanted to buy brown cheese on the way home but we ran out of time, so I haven’t had brown cheese since. Maybe that’s a good thing because I could definitely eat a whole block of it in one sitting… If anyone know’s where you can buy brown cheese in London, please let me know!

Overall, Oslo was a lot of fun and was very beautiful. The country reminded me of New Zealand except there were more green mountains and dense forest about. It was very scenic and I really enjoyed that.

Getting to see Line and Mathilde again was so cool, hearing about what they’re up to in their lives five years later was very interesting. They’re doing so well as well.

I dare you all to try Norwegian food if you’re ever there, it is actually delicious! Then buy some brown cheese and take it home with you. Just do it.



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