Powering on Through Mykonos

I suppose one thing we learnt was that if  you’re going to go to both of the greek party islands, Mykonos and Ios, then split them up and go to somewhere chill and nice in between, like Santorini. We went to Mykonos straight after Ios, and it was hard to continue on partying and really enjoy it.

On the day we ferried out to Mykonos I was insanely hung over, the night before had been the night I had gotten way too drunk in Ios. I’m not complaining, Ios was insane and fun and crazy and I don’t regret anything. But being on the ferry while being hung over was very hard. Ferrying to the next party island? Uh yeah, we didn’t think that through. We got to Mykonos fine and I managed to contain my hangover.

Mykonos (7)

The first thing I thought about Mykonos was that I didn’t really like the look of it as much, it was very windy and it didn’t seem to have the same feeling as Ios. We found the bus that was going to take us to the resort we were staying at and found some very obnoxious people on the bus. I guess I had no tolerance for people by this point because of my hangover.

The resort we were staying at ended up being very underwhelming, I guess after having such a blast in Ios and absolutely loving the hostel we had stayed at there, I had high expectations. Paraga beach resort was not a resort, it was a camping ground really. We had hired out two ‘beds’ in a eight bed ‘dorm’ which ended up being two slats, with gross itchy sheets, in a tin shed. Sleeping was near impossible because of how hot it was inside the shed, how itchy the sheets were and you could hear the music drifting over from Paradise beach resort (Which is the party resort that you are supposed to stay at if you go to Mykonos FYI).

The next day after a very bad sleep, we went over to Paradise beach which was a beautiful beach. We found some very nice sun loungers and ordered drinks. We then proceeded to spend the day sun bathing and swimming at the beach.

Mykonos (9) Mykonos (10)Mykonos (12)Mykonos (11)Mykonos (2)

That night we partied at paradise beach and things got weird.

Seriously, all of the males there were Brazilian, wore hideous speedos and creeped on every female there! It was so creepy! We had fun that one night though just making the most of it, dancing on tables, getting free Moet from random guys, eating gyros.

Mykonos (13)

Everyone partying it up at Paradise beach.

That night when we tried to sleep, it was impossible and very uncomfortable, it was way too hot. We decided that we were going to find a hotel or motel to stay at for the last two nights we were in Mykonos because we just couldn’t do it anymore.

Ios (9)

So we spent the next day chilling by the pool at Paraga beach. The pool was warm and the people weren’t very friendly there, in Ios everyone talked and partied together, here everyone kept to themselves.

Ios (3)

The motel we found ended up being very nice and very comfortable. We definitely did not regret spending extra money on the hotel. We caught a bus into town the next day and spent the afternoon wandering around the city center of Mykonos. Once again I was very underwhelmed, it was not as nice or cool as Ios, it was the same sort of city center with cobbled streets and stores everywhere. However it was very windy and the streets didn’t seem as quaint to me.

Mykonos (14) Mykonos (17) Mykonos (16) Mykonos (15)

We did find a very nice restaurant for dinner that night though, we were so hungry that we ordered way too much food, but we stumbled across Onion pie. We had the Onion pie for an entrée and it was the best thing we had  ever tasted. Seriously, I have been hunting for an onion pie recipe ever since and haven’t been able to find something like it.

Mykonos (1)

We ferried out to Crete for one night because when we booked Greece we had thought we were going to stay in Crete the whole time, but then we started talking to people and they told us to do greek island hopping. Then we planned the island hopping on the fateful stormy day in Florence.

We stayed one night in Crete, so we ventured out from our hostel for dinner that night and found Crete was actually a nice place. We had dinner at a very yummy and busy restaurant. The girls at our hostel as well told us how they spent a lot of their time at the beach and it was really nice, so it sounded like Crete could have been nice. However I don’t regret going to the party islands instead.

The next morning we had breakfast at a restaurant and as we were leaving, the owner gave us two shots. Apparently it was custom to do a shot after breakfast, to cleanse your palette. Unluckily for me Alesha can very rarely do shots without feeling sick, so to not be rude I had to very discreetly do hers for her…. I was not happy having to do shots for breakfast! But when in Greece…

We then caught a bus to the top part of Crete, because when we originally booked Crete we booked our flight to Norway out of there, and the ferries did not ferry to the top city in Crete on the day we needed to fly out. Now we got to the airport, only thing is we were flying Ryan Air to Norway, Ryan Air is one of the cheapest airlines, and their rules are that you have to check in (online or at the airport) more than two hours before your flight departure beforehand. You can’t check in to Ryan Air after the two hours so your time is up.

As we had no wifi on the three hour bus trip up, we hadn’t checked in and by the time we finally got to the airport we had missed the cutoff time. So we had to waste money and buy the next flight out to Norway, luckily for us it was only 80 euros instead of 500 euros which is what a full price flight was so last minute. So that dampened  the end of our Greece trip.

No matter, on to Norway we went!

So if you want my advice, is Mykonos worth going to party? Which one is better: Mykonos or Ios? What order should we go in? (Note: This is my opinion for partying in Mykonos, not for sightseeing in Mykonos. The island of Mykonos is actually really pretty)

1. If you go to Mykonos, only go if you manage to get air conditioned accommodation at Paradise Beach Resort. I do not recommend Paraga beach at all! And definitely do not think about not getting air conditioned rooms because, seriously, you will want to be able to get a good nights sleep.

2. In my opinion Ios is far better than Mykonos, Ios was crazy amounts of fun, whereas Mykonos had a lot of creepy tourists there. That was my personal opinion though.

3. I recommend that you split up the party islands and go somewhere nice and relaxing in between so you can get a break and enjoy both islands fully. If you have more time, go to more than three islands! The Greek Islands seem so cool, I would have loved to visit more of them. However time and money prevented us.

Now as for order:

Other Greek Island

Go to Mykonos first (Because it isn’t anywhere near as good in my experience), go to another island in between to relax and recover, then go on to Ios to top it all off and spend at least four to six nights there, I recommend four nights as a minimum; there’s just so much going on there and it is crazy fun.

Of course I would be biased and recommend staying at Francesco’s Hostel because the air-conditioned rooms are nice and affordable, there’s a pool and, most importantly, it’s right on the edge of the city center so you can walk to the bars in a matter of minutes and not have to worry about getting a bus to town like you would have to worry about at Far Out Beach Resort. But I didn’t even make it out to see Far Out Beach Resort, so I can’t tell you what that hostel is like at all and I can’t compare the two.

Everyone needs to go Greek Island Hopping! I want to visit more of the Greek Islands.



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