The Writer Behind the Words: My name is Jordon

I was looking at my ‘About‘ page and thought that it didn’t really tell you anything about me. After reading it I realised I’m still a blurry lined blogger that you can’t see and know nothing about. I was going to update my About page but then I thought it would be too much information to have on one page, and who want’s to read a life story all at once?

Then I came to the conclusion about writing a post essentially introducing myself to the blogosphere. I began writing and discovered I pretty much wrote a book, do I really need to tell the internet about my whole life? Probably not.

The Writer Behind the Words began. This will be a series of posts where I tell you all about me and who I am.

[ Where I tell you all about myself. ]

I guess I will start with my name, as if you can’t see it everywhere on this blog.


MeWhenever I asked my mum why she spelt my name this way, she told me that apparently this way of spelling ‘Jordon’ is the female way. Whereas spelling it with an ‘a’ is the male version of the unisex name ‘Jordan’. However, whenever I tell people this they say they’ve never heard that before and they’ve never met another Jordon spelt with two ‘o’s. Even spell checker is telling me I’m spelling my name wrong.

Interesting right? I’ve also never met another female Jordon with her name spelt this way. I like that.  It makes me feel a little bit unique.

The worst thing is when people spell my name wrong, it drives me crazy and always makes me feel disappointed. Like they couldn’t be bothered noticing how my name is spelt. Especially on Facebook! Come on people, my name is right there! In front of you! Above the comment box. Please spell it right!

That’s probably a little bit of an extreme reaction. I’m always the one that answers ‘My name’s Jordon. J-O-R-D-O-N.’ when I’m asked ‘And what’s your name?’ over the phone. I always emphasise the ‘o’ and people look at me weirdly.

So you’ve just learnt a lot about my name and that it drives me crazy when people spell it wrong… I don’t think I meant to ramble on this much about my name.

I’m 25. Quarter of a century old.

I turned 25 in April, I can’t believe I’m already in my mid-twenties. I feel like I’m in my early twenties. However I also feel like I’m rocking twenty-dom. My twenties so far have been a learning curve (Which is what they’re meant to be right?) and I’m only just learning how strong a woman I can be. Strong/stubborn/bossy, same thing?

When I was a teenager I used to want to be older so people would view me differently, I hated being viewed as a child that didn’t know how to do anything and was always wrong, no one ever listened to me. No life experience, they said.

MeAs I turned 23 I wanted to be younger again. Enjoy my teen years and party without consequences or judgement, I hated it when people kept asking me when I was going to start thinking about settling down in a job; Have I met a boy yet? Do I plan on having children before I’m 30? When am I going to start thinking about buying a house?

Now I’m 25 and I still haven’t met a boy, am only just thinking about how I’m going to afford a house (At this point in time the answer is: I’m not…) and am definitely not planning on having children anytime soon. I still get asked those questions though but now they don’t bother me as much. I’m living my life and I’m happy, everything else will work out. Of course I need to start thinking about the bigger picture though, but I’m not worried about it, stressed about and I’m not going to feel the pressure. It’s no one else’s business.

The Writer Behind the Words, Part 1: My name is Jordon and I’m 25 years old.

Introduce yourself!


2 thoughts on “The Writer Behind the Words: My name is Jordon

  1. Megan (ง︡'-'︠)ง says:

    It was nice getting to know more about you, Jordon! Haha, I feel you: sometimes there are so many things I want to write in my bio, but then I’m like, “Okay, Meg, people aren’t going to be interested in all this crap,” so I have to control myself and make sure I don’t go overboard. And being a pretty long-winded person doesn’t help either. xD So this is a brilliant idea!

    I never realized that “Jordon” was the female way of spelling “Jordan,” but that’s kind of cool! “Megan” is a pretty common name (too common for my liking, honestly), so I don’t face the struggles you do, but I can imagine how annoying it must be when people misspell it! My name’s been spelled as “Meghan” in some comments a couple of times, and it drives me crazy. I mean, my name’s pretty much plastered EVERYWHERE on my blog, it’s not that hard to miss! Sigh…

    Eeeep, you’re so pretty! *O* I can’t believe you’re 25, you look more like my age — 18! And ah, I’m not even 20 yet and I agree, I don’t want to grow older anymore. I miss having nothing important to worry about, but I’m only going to be facing more worries as the years go by. Nooooo. D: I’m glad that you’re taking life slowly, though! Nothing comes out of worrying too much, and yup, live your life the way you want and not how others want you to. :)

    Great post, girl! I’m looking forward to the future Writer Behind the Words posts!

    • Jordon says:

      Haha yeah, I thought linking to these posts would help the ‘About’ page more instead of weighing the page down with it.

      I’m always reading the ‘About’ pages on other blogs and when there isn’t a photo or much information I always feel a little disappointed because I wanted to know more about the writer of the blog. Then again not everyone is okay with divulging their personal information on the internet, which is totally understandable.

      Well if my mum was wrong on the spelling being female than I don’t really mind, having my name spelt like that has kind of defined me in a way.

      Haha yes! Everyone spells my name wrong everywhere, all the time. So I’ve gotten used to it. While it still really annoys me, I’ve stopped correcting people and stopped trying to take it to heart… It must be weird seeing your name spelt wrong when the way it’s spelt is the more common way!

      Thanks! It’s the power of make up! If someone sees me without make up on first and then meets me again with make up on, they’re always commenting that I look younger. I try not to take offence hahaha. I still get ID’ed every time when I enter a bar or club or even when I’m buying alcohol over the counter. If I’m with my friends, who are older and look older, they always get ID’ed as well because of me. I find it pretty funny really and they usually aren’t impressed. Especially if they don’t have their ID on them… I always make sure to tell them to bring it jut in case ha. But I’m glad I look a little younger than I actually am. I feel like I’m 25 and totally don’t mind looking like I’m in my early 20’s.

      18 is a good age I think! Do stupid things now while you still can :p When you do those stupid things in your 20’s, it’s a lot harder not to feel guilty haha. Have fun, go to parties, and hang out with your friends because seriously, the older you get the less time you will be able to do all of that!

      Awesome, thanks :)

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