How do you keep track of your favourite blogs?

When you find a blog you like to read, how do you keep track of them? How do you follow their posts?

If you’re a seasoned blogger, you probably have a Bloglovin account or use an RSS feed reader.

If you just like to read a lot of blogs or articles then chances are you have subscribed to those blogs via email or maybe you’ve just added the blogs handles on social media.

You can follow blogs a number of ways:
Internet Browser BookmarksI used to add all of my favourite blogs to a group on my bookmarks page. Then I would visit the blogs most days to see if they had posted new articles.

I found out very fast how time-consuming this was and how much space this takes up in your bookmarks, but it is one way to save your favourite blogs and keep track of them.

In my opinion, it’s definitely not a very efficient way to follow your favourite blogs.RSS Feed Reader RSS stands for ‘Rich Site Summary’ or as other people know it: ‘Really Simple Syndication’.

Read here for a technical explanation on RSS Feeds, I really don’t have the jargon to explain it, I just know what it does.

You can get RSS Feed readers that collect all of your favourite blogs articles in one place as they’re posted on the blog, where you can actually read them.

Two that I have used before are:

Feedly – I like the look of this one, but it can get a bit jumble-y for my tastes in regards to organising and then displaying the blogs you follow.
Feed Reader – This has a very sleek look, it’s like Feedly where you log in and add your favourite blogs feeds, then organise them however you wish.

They both do the same job, it just depends on what one you like better depending on: appearance and features available for each.
Internet Browser ExtensionsI’m pretty sure that all internet browsers have RSS feed reader extensions that you can add. I use Google Chrome and for Google Chrome you can add the ‘RSS Feed Reader‘ extension, however I don’t use this extension so I can’t tell you if I would recommend it.

I would think though that if you used the browser extension that you would only be able to read your feed on that one browser only on that one computer or laptop.

I would find that pretty annoying.
You can usually subscribe to blogs via email, this would be handy if you had only a few favourite blogs that you loved to read and keep up to date with. Once you subscribe via email, you receive that blog’s new posts in your inbox.

The only reason I don’t subscribe to blogs via email is because I follow a ton of blogs and if I subscribed to them via email, my email would receive a heck load of emails every day.
Social MediaMost blogs utilise social media to get their name out there and get more followers. You could follow blogs this way depending on how you like to follow them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Stumble Upon, Pinterest.

The only thing is, not all blogs have every social media account that is out there. So it would probably be hard to follow all of your favourite blogs in one place.
Bloglovin'Now my personal favourite, and the way I personally keep track of blogs, is Bloglovin’. I’ve used Bloglovin’ for a few years now and I just love how simple it is to use, and how simple the interface looks.

It works like an RSS feed reader, except you have to ‘add’ the blog to the Bloglovin’ site if the blog doesn’t already have an account. Then you can ‘follow’ said blog and get their posts come up on your bloglovin’ ‘feed’.

I find Bloglovin’ easy to use and easy to organise the blogs I follow. I create a ‘group’ and label it something like: ‘Book Blogs’, ‘Travel Blogs’, ‘Favourite Blogs’, and then I add the blog on Bloglovin’ and move them to the respective group so I can easily keep track of them and not get my main feed bogged down by tons of posts. That way if I’m more interested in reading something about travel, then I click the travel group which brings up the unread posts of the blogs that I’ve added to my travel group.

The great thing is you can also get the Bloglovin’ app on your smart phone, so you can keep track of your favourite blogs even when you’re not at your computer.

How do you keep up with your favourite blogs and their posts? What way do you find the easiest? What way do you find most of your readers use to follow you?



5 thoughts on “How do you keep track of your favourite blogs?

  1. Celine Frohn says:

    I used to use Feedly, but got into Bloglovin about a year ago. I love how easy and clean their layout it – I don’t need all those extra functionalities of sorting blogs in categories etcetera. Email is a subscription method I’m not a huge fan of, because it can get super spammy when you’re not completely caught up.

    • Jordon says:

      I too used to use feedly, I used it for a whole of a month I think before I switched to bloglovin. I remember I used to use google reader as well before feedly and before bloglovin was around. I also agree with the email subscription, it just fills up your inbox if you don’t read the emails straight away.

  2. Mari @The Sirenic Codex says:

    Bloglovin’ is definitely my favourite site at the moment. I’ve tried RSS feeds but apparently I really suck at working them because I can never find the things I’m looking for. The blogger reading list or GFC was one I used for a long time and still do occasionally along with the browser favourites. Old habits die hard :)

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