How do you relax when you’re stressed?

When I get stressed, I get stressed. For some reason I go over the top, I feel so stressed that I can’t eat or focus on a single thing.

The other day I stated that I was currently reading three books at once. Which is highly unusual for me.

That’s because recently I have been so busy and stressed about things in my life that I just haven’t been able to get into the books I’ve been reading. Which prompted me to start another book, and then another book when I couldn’t concentrate on that one either.

Don’t you hate it when you can’t concentrate on anything like reading a book you thought you were dying to read because you’re so worried about something else? Do you find there are certain things that set this mindset off for you?

For me I’ve noticed there are a few things that will generally be the reason that I can’t get into my book or focus on anything else. And when it comes down to these reasons it usually has nothing to do with the book itself.

PH 20x20 Stress. Anxiety. Worry PH 20x20

Whenever I’m very stressed, anxious or worried about something I can usually never focus on reading a book or getting anything else done. I’ll try to sit down and read my book so I can escape the reasons why I’m so stressed, but they’re always there at the back of my mind, it’s like I can’t escape it until the event that is stressing me out or making me anxious is over. It’s not fair really, I can never fully relax when I get like that.

Solving this problem:

PH 20x20 Get organised PH 20x20

If I’m anxious, worried or stressed then the best way to tackle those feelings is to organise myself best as I can. Focus on the event that’s making me anxious and organise how best to handle it. For example, at the moment, one of the things I’m stressing about (Yes, there’s more than one) is moving back to London in a week. Which I am beyond excited about, but I’m also super stressed about it because there is so much to organise here at home, and then over there in London.

Luckily for me, I have a flat to live in, so that’s one less major worry.

I’ve done a few things to help lessen the stress, which are:

Make a to-do list:
I’ve made a massive to-do list that I’ve needed to work through so I don’t forget to do anything. I’ve also made other lists like a packing list, and things to sort out while I’m in London. I’ve been steadily working through this which has been lessening my stress levels, except I know I won’t be fine until I’ve moved to London, and completed everything on the list.

Prioritize the work:
I’ve prioritized the work so the most urgent things have mostly been done, or at least they’re on their way to being finished. Some of the things were time sensitive so I had to have them done as soon as possible, where as some of the urgent tasks are still in progress, i.e. looking for a new job in London.

Set deadlines:
I’ve set myself deadlines so I make sure I complete things by certain days. That way I know I’m on track and won’t have to do everything on my lists at the last-minute. However, procrastination has been taking over the last few days…

Enlist help and delegate work:
I’ve had family and friends helping me organise some things here for me so I can work on and worry about other things. It’s been helping a lot knowing things are getting done and I don’t have to do it all by myself.

PH 20x20 Be Prepared PH 20x20

There are other things that I usually do to stop getting so stressed or anxious about, depending on what it is, I:

Research the topic:
If I research the topic as best as I can, then I shouldn’t be worried any longer because I know as much about it as possible. This widen’s my knowledge and makes me feel more prepared.

Plan for anything to happen:
If I map out all scenarios that may happen and figure out the best way to act in all scenarios then I’m pretty prepared if the worst does happen. That way I know that I shouldn’t be put off guard by almost anything, of course there’s never any way to prepare or plan for everything. Luckily I like to think I think quickly on my feet.

On the day of the event, meeting, audition or what have you, it’s always good to be prepared:

PH 20x20 It’s the little things that help PH 20x20

Set multiple alarms to wake up.
I usually set at least three alarms on my phone or alarm clock just in case. I’m always paranoid one alarm won’t wake me up, or I’ll turn it off and not even realise what I’m doing as I’m still asleep. Honestly, this has happened to me before and it was my ultimate nightmare.

Leave early.
I leave early if I need to be at a meeting, audition, venue at a certain time or need to catch a flight. I once was pulled over by a cop for speeding on the motorway, because I was late, and he told me something I would never forget.

Leave earlier to allow yourself more time. And if you’re going to be late, then you’re going to be late.

Now I always leave earlier, and if I’m going to be late? Well, damn. I’m going to be late.

I allow for traffic, public transport delays (depending how I’m getting there), parking issues, and getting lost. This means I often get to the place around 30 – 45 minutes before I need to be there. I have time to kill but at least I’m not worrying or stressing about being late, appearing tardy or missing my flight. No stress here.

Prepare everything the night before.
If I’m catching a flight, I will usually have packed my bag a day or two in advance and then will have a mini list of things I still need to pack on the day; like my phone charger, tooth brush and makeup. I will definitely have my outfit chosen and ready to get dressed into, and if it’s a meeting or audition, I will have already packed my handbag the day before with any paperwork required, my lunch if needed, and directions handy.

Figure out the best way to get to the location in advance.
I usually figure out how to get to the location, the best way to get there, and how long it would it take to get there, a few days before. I also figure out alternative ways to get there in case the first and most efficient way fails, for example the train breaks down or there’s a massive traffic jam etc.

Set uber up on your phone, just in case.
If I have a seriously important meeting, audition or event to be at, I usually open my uber app and set up the location I need to go. So if for some reason I need to catch an uber to get there on time as everything else fell through, then it’s as easy as opening the app and finishing off the uber order.

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.”

Do you get stressed easily? How do you tame that stress? What things do you do to calm down and focus on the task at hand?



6 thoughts on “How do you relax when you’re stressed?

  1. Lee @ Rally the Readers says:

    I’ve always been a double alarm person; the first one is my 15 minute warning, and the second means I absolutely have to get up now, lol. I’ve also always been nervous when going to new places; even with having GPS, I still like mapping out a route in advance just so I feel a little more familiar with where I’m going.

    • Jordon says:

      I’m the same with alarms, although now I find I get a bit ridiculous sometimes and set about five alarms… That’s a bit silly because it means the last hour of sleep is interrupted and I still feel tired anyway.
      I have google maps ready all the time! I seriously do not know how I would navigate London without a map app. I’m forever getting lost haha, luckily for me I’m good at reading real maps though if I get lost in another country and no one speaks english…

  2. tonyalee says:

    I just stressed easily depending on the situation. Work and my family stress me out a lot, so usually, I like to just sit alone or read. And I do that alarm trick too! It helps psyche me out thinking that I have “longer” to sleep, too! :)

    • Jordon says:

      Haha oh yeah, that’s why I have so many alarms, so I think I’m getting a longer sleep! Does that work for you? I’ve been finding for me it makes me more tired, whereas if I had gotten up when my alarm first went off then I’m not as tired…

      • tonyalee says:

        honestly it depends on what I’m suppose to do. For work yes, it works wonders! But if I have to get up early for sports or anything else? Not so much.

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