A Rock Festival in Budapest

After Prague we made our way to Budapest, Hungary via bus.

In Budapest we had the five day tickets to the week long rock festival Sziget. Alesha and I went to Budapest by ourselves as Aleisha went to Budapest a day earlier so she could get to the Sziget festival to see a band she really wanted to see that was playing the day Alesha and I were planning on arriving there. Alicia went to Austria instead because it was a place she  really wanted to see and she wasn’t going to the Sziget festival with us. I wanted to go to Austria as well however I wanted a decent amount of time in Austria and one full day wasn’t going to be enough, plus as I knew I was going to live in London I knew I would be able to see Austria another time and would make better time.

The bus ride was the longest ten hours of my life, we left super early and the seats were very uncomfortable so there was no sleeping. The bus was meant to have wifi but the wifi didn’t work which sucked, however this bus was a bit fancy and had movie screens in the back of the seats so we could pass the time watching movies. Too bad it wasn’t a little more spacious.

When we got to Budapest it was raining and it was miserable trying to figure out how to get to the apartment we had booked. When we bought our train tickets the person at the window didn’t speak any english and the train maps were terrible, we had no idea where we had to go or how to get there. Some english speaking guys ended up being in the same boat as us so they helped us find where we needed to go and how to get there, then off we went.

The apartment in Budapest was insanely cheap, when we found it we realised it was because it was a student dorm and wasn’t the cleanest. Who cares though right? It was cheap and we weren’t going to be spending much time in it anyway. It had beds and a bathroom, albeit a shared bathroom but whatever. Aleisha met us at the apartment and we got ready to go out for our first night of Sziget!


10613145_10204424877800636_4062054787684046522_n IMG_3963

The festival was pretty amazing. We spent the next five days getting up early, going to the festival and listening to music and getting home late. Partying and enjoying life. On the first afternoon we saw Lily Allen, The Kooks, Kelis and a DJ later that night. It was a bit of a blur from then on.

1908455_10203276698577524_60071733477320770_n (1) 10547621_10202654939993948_1981773946501183359_n10513474_10202651942839021_7512953442644222216_n 10520094_10202654940713966_6209376422122346949_n

We took a selfie with a group of girls on the way to the festival one day, but then we lost them when were getting in the gate and never saw them again. There were over 20,000 people there! It was insane.

10574279_10202654941033974_3849312931412800648_n 20140818_212150000_iOS10592638_10202651942359009_1759690938554958641_n

Our buckets were full of long island ice  tea, we only needed a couple of those buckets and we were sorted for the day.

Besides music there were also activities that people could do to pass time, they had sections where there were tents and people could go in and do the activity like draw or paint. There were theatre shows during the day which were interesting, there were theme park rides which we stayed away from and there was even a McDonald’s. Although the food wasn’t fresh from the McDonald’s… Drunk people don’t care about non-fresh McDonald’s though! Drunk people to McDonald’s is like a moth to a flame!

We joined in on the paint party which turned out to be not so fun, the crowd was jam-packed by one of the stages and packets of powdered paint were thrown out to the crowd. Then on a countdown everyone threw their packets of powder in the air. Then you just got incredibly messy and stayed that way for the rest of the day. We thought there was going to be more paint or something but it ended up just being crowded, hot, messy and you choked on the powder in the air.

Even though there was 20,000 people there, we ended up running into some friends of Alesha’s. So spent a night with them. Such a small world, honestly.

10341503_10202646177294886_7724015244681214981_n 10620790_10202651941398985_7186796059073079495_n

Sziget was an insanely fun and crazy festival. I had an amazing time and have a lot of drunk stories to tell from it, those stories always come out and I love saying things like “This one time in Budapest…”.

There was a downside to all the partying though, on the very last night where the headlining act Calvin Harris was playing, I drunk one bottle too much of vodka and ended up getting horrendously sick. I remember dancing to The Black Eyed Peas (Who, honestly? Sucked live) and then I needed to sit down. I ended up sleeping during Calvin Harris! Can you believe it? Such a rookie and stupid mistake! I definitely learned my lesson from that. However, even though I missed the best act I still had a blast that week.

Besides the festival we also tried to fit in some sightseeing and other things. The great thing was that the festival offered a weekly pass for free public transport, so we could get on and off buses, trains and trams and not have to worry about it. One morning we went for a wander to the city centre and went shopping at little markets and ate lunch at the best burger place, another afternoon we went and saw Heroes Square.

10562966_10202664582795012_2113127585245773717_n IMG_3948

And one evening after partying at Sziget we went to the infamous ‘Sparty’s’ that are thrown at the famous thermal spas. It was pretty much a party in a massive hot thermal pool. Definitely an experience. Whether it was a ‘good’ experience, you would have to make your own mind up on that. Personally I had a lot of fun.

10534080_10202643981439991_5030707260457764642_nI really enjoyed Budapest. The festival was insane and the city was beautiful. We had wanted to see more sights and go to the famous ‘ruins bars’ but we had ended up getting sick so spent a day in bed trying to recover. That’s the thing with ongoing travelling, if you get sick you take a day off and stay rugged up in bed because you can’t risk pushing through it, otherwise you will get sicker and end up at a doctors somewhere. It was always better to try to sleep it off or go to a pharmacy and hope there was someone who spoke english that would sell you the right medication.

Overall I loved Budapest and I want to go back to see the sights we didn’t make it to as well as visit the famous ruin bars, plus the currency made you feel like you were rich, always carrying around 20,000 Hungarian forint. Sziget was an insanely busy, fun and crazy festival and I would recommend it to everyone.



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