Hello Rome!

We left Sorrento, Naples without hassle. This time around in the city centre no one tried to pick pocket us, thank god. Off to Rome we went!

Rome was beautiful in the sense of history spread out through the city. You would be walking through modern buildings and then suddenly come across an old statue or ruins, there were a lot of ruins which had been preserved and fenced off. It was super hot when we were there so walking around sightseeing was really hard!

The first night there we went out to dinner with a couple of girls from the hostel that we had just met. It was nice getting to eat a meal with people you barely know and learning their story. I got used to eating pasta and pizza!

We spent the first full day exploring the colosseum and the roman forum, because it was so hot though we didn’t last the whole day.








The Colosseum.








The Roman Forum.

After a couple of hours we walked to a square and checked out the markets. Wow some of them were amazing! There was one stand where a guy cut out the pictures on coin currency with a hand saw thing, as I collect coins I of course had to buy one. We then came across water paintings of Rome, bought one of those as well. And then lastly we came across a spray paint artist that was spray painting space art in front of everyone. It was so cool to watch that we stood there for half an hour watching her spray painting pictures before Alesha bought a tinkerbell one.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around and chilling out.

The next day Alesha and I went to The Yellow hostel on the other side of Rome just for their pancakes. When in Europe apparently all you ever want are pancakes! We were stoked.



Alesha, Aleisha and I went to mine and Alesha’s second cousins house whom we hadn’t seen in years to have lunch, our great Aunty had invited us so it was really nice getting to see everyone and meet their family.


Richard very nicely dropped us off in Rome in Trastevere. So we spent the evening wandering around there which apparently is known as the ‘true Rome’, we met an Aussie guy and ended up having dinner with him and exploring the area.





It was a good day!



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