The sailing cruise

We spent a week sailing around the Croatian Islands on a yacht! Seriously had one of the best weeks ever. It was a Medsailors cruise (there are a lot of these cruises like Sail Croatia which are on big ferry things), but ours was on yachts. So there were us six girls in one yacht (we were pretty lucky because we had expected to be put with another four random people), the other two girls being Alesha’s, Aleisha’s and Alicia’s uni friends that live with Alesha in London; Jess and Nyssa. They are pretty awesome chicks!

So we arrived at the Marina in Split via a taxi (the taxi driver was super rude and kicked us out of the taxi because we were taking so long…), and dropped our luggage off on our yacht; Minorca. We met our awesome skipper who was an older Italian man named Giovanni. He was actually really funny and cool, he made our trip really. We were lucky we got him though because this was his fourth and last season and he knew what he was doing so we didn’t have any problems like some of the other yachts with their younger and newer skippers.


Minorca was the only proper sailing yacht, all the other yachts were just normal yachts I think.

He showed us around the yacht (which was tiny), then we went off and bought some food at the grocery store before meeting back at the yacht for the safety talk. Giovanni was pretty funny, he always just wanted to get going so he talked us through the safety talk very fast (the other skippers were taking their time) and off we went.

Because we were around water I didn’t really take my phone up above deck to take photos, after having my phone stolen once I was not going to risk it going swimming! So there aren’t many photos of us actually sailing (which by the way terrifies me!). The whole week was spent swimming in the sea, exploring the little towns we stopped at and partying with the other Medsailors yachts every night – there was not much sleep to be had the past week.

The first day we anchored in a bay and went swimming, we met the other boats and then also our ‘sister’ boat that sometimes anchored with us in the bays. I really loved that we met quite a lot of people, the atmosphere was awesome. We had dinner that night at a restaurant before going to bed early, that was the first time I felt a bit sea sick but I had been star gazing on the bow (the amount of stars in the sky was beautiful) which had been swaying a lot. Luckily I had thought to get motion sickness pills before I left NZ. The other yachts pretty much partied from night one.


Dinner with the ‘sister’ yacht.

The next day we sailed to a bay to swim in a clean area of water and met more people, the whole day was spent here before we sailed to a town called Stari Grad. Stari Grad was quaint, I quite liked it.







We spent the day walking around and chilling before going to a wine tasting at a vineyard that night. Seriously so pretty.










We had dinner with some Aussie girls from another yacht and a skipper before crashing for the night. The next day we were meant to sail to another place but in the morning Medsailors found out there was a random yacht inspection happening for three of their yachts (ours included) which was random because they hadn’t had one in three years, so we had to stay for that. The inspection went fine and passed but by that point it was too late to sail out because there was a storm on the way and we would sail right into it if we left that late. It turns out that this was a very good decision because over night there were a few catamarans and yachts that sunk in the area that we were meant to dock for the night! Talk about lucky.

So instead that night Medsailors organised buses to bus over to Hvar which was on the other side of the island for a party night. Turned out to be a pretty successful night really, lots of fun and lots of stories.


Alesha and I had pancakes for dinner, which we had been craving the whole trip and finally got them for the first time. Then she was off to get her teeth done while I went and found Aleisha and Alicia.





We caught up with Jess and Nyssa and Alesha met up with us, then we were off to party.






That night the storm hit, we sat in our yacht while it poured down and watched the lightening (well at least I did). An experience that I was glad happened at the port not anchored in a bay!

The day after we sailed off to a bay for the afternoon, swam for a bit then had dinner at another restaurant with pretty views.


We had a few drinks that night with the ‘party boats’ which we had dubbed them. The next day we sailed to the last place we were visiting, which was Vis. It was a super cute town but the port was very wavy, by this stage we had mastered running across our plank from the yacht to the dock though.

We spent the day walking around, we rented three scooters which we had completely planned to use to go to dinner on the other side of the island in a small fishing village. But as we got them we realised there was no bloody way we could safely ride them haha, so we got a refund back and taxied over to the village. We ate at a seafood restaurant which was really nice, except for the hidden costs that they charged us (like tomato sauce, mayonnaise, the basket of bread and even a tuna pate that they told us was ‘on the house’, clearly ‘on the house’ does not mean the same thing in Europe as it does in NZ…). That night there were cocktails in the park with all of the medsailors boats and skippers which was a lot of fun, before heading out to a bar called ‘The Fort’. Super fun night.

Jess and Nyssa did the blue caves the next morning which was boating to a cave that had a hole in the top that let the sunlight in, we didn’t do it because we had already done something similar in Lagos. Then we were back off sailing to another bay to swim in before anchoring for our last night on the cruise. The last night was nice, we had dinner and then partied.





The whole week was amazing and a ton of fun, leaving the yacht felt really sad. I was glad to finally get off of it though because the ground had been continuously swaying for days, but was sad at leaving so much fun behind.

I absolutely loved the medsailors cruise.



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