Croatia, you beauty

Croatia was incredibly beautiful. We were so busy there that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write this post, actually I’m having trouble remembering everything we did already because of how busy we’ve been. Sorry for neglecting people that have been messaging! I seriously just haven’t had time to sit down and reply to anyone.

We arrived in Zadar from Paris late at night so had to catch a taxi to our hostel. The taxi ride cost 150 kunas which freaked us out because of the high number and not quite knowing the conversion rate. We found out later that it was about 15 pounds (way easier to convert to pounds if we needed to figure out a ball point mark of price), which was about $30 NZD. Although admittedly we’ve all stopped converting now because prices are relatively the same, although croatia was dirt cheap with a lot of things.

We spent our one full day in Zadar on a tour at the Plitvice lakes which were inland. The tour guide gave us a rundown of Croatia’s history as well which was pretty interesting! Just don’t ask me to repeat it haha. The lakes were pretty amazing.











That night back in Zadar we chased the sunset to get pictures; well actually we were trying to find this restaurant we had been told to eat at to get amazing views of the sunset but we couldn’t find it in time. So we pretty much ran around the waterfront and took pictures on the side of the road by the water (cars did not like us). The sunset was worth the two hours of walking around starving trying to find the damn restaurant though. I have never seen a more beautiful sunset before.




We ended up eating in the old town of Zadar (one thing I’ve learned about Europe is that every city has an ‘old town’) at a restaurant that had the most amazing wine I have ever tasted. But then again I’m not a wine drinker so that’s not saying much! The wine was seriously yummy though and those that know me know that I find most wine pretty gross to drink… The food and wine were so cheap that we ordered another bottle and had an accidental night out. The spontaneous nights out are always the best! Bought some gelato for dessert, danced in at empty club for a while and annoyed the DJ by requesting songs like ‘Call me maybe’ etc etc (He rolled his eyes at every song we requested haha).

We were straight off to Split the day after, the bus ride was very uncomfortable and we drove through a massive thunder and lightening storm. We experienced a few storms in Croatia though which was interesting for this time of year apparently, we’ve been told that the weather this summer has been very unpredictable in Croatia which is unusual. We didn’t see much of Split because we were only there for a short time before we went on the Medsailors cruise, but it was… interesting. I liked Zadar a whole lot more to be honest!

The cruise? Well, I’m way too tired to go into that right now but that was definitely one of the most amazing weeks I’ve had this whole trip! Will get back to you.



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