The last of Paris

The Monday in Paris was Bastille day in France, so there were military parades and the airforce had planes flying over etc. We were alseep so missed that part haha.

We spent the day walking around, we took pictures of the Arc de Triomphe.








Trying to figure out how to get over there was a mission, the Arc de Triomphe is practically a massive roundabout so you can’t walk across the road to get to it. We realised you go underground which was cool.

We then went to go to the Eiffel Tower just to take pictures but as we got there we realised they had cordoned off a massive area so you couldn’t get anywhere near it. This was probably because they were setting up the fireworks display for that night.







So we moved on and took a walk around the streets, plus we were trying to find out how to get back to an open metro as all of them near the tower were closed…

We then made our way over to Notre Dame, we went the wrong way first… When we found it we went inside and witnessed part of a mass (talk about feeling a little guilty at this moment for not being a practicing catholic still) but couldn’t go up the top as it was closed by that stage.







That night we went out to watch the fireworks for Bastille day. It was crazy! So many people, we took the metro but had to get off three stops early and walk over to the Eiffel Tower. We couldn’t get close, but we got to see the top half of the fireworks. It was a thirty minute display, was pretty stoked we got to see it.





When the display was over we had no idea how to get back to the metro so we started following the crowd in the right direction. Twenty minutes later the Arc de Triomphe was ahead and we realised we had just walked back, so there was no reason to hop on a metro now. We didn’t realise how close we actually were to the Eiffel Tower.

Tuesday was the last day we were in Paris, we were determined to fit as many things in as possible as we left late afternoon. So off we went to the Eiffel Tower so we could finally go up it, we had planned to see something else after the Eiffel Tower but when we got there we found out the line was an hour wait. So we lined up, two hours later we finally got up to the first level of the tower. Yep, talk about being tired of standing around!! We had wanted to go up to the top level but that had temporarily closed it by this stage as there was a huge line up there already of people waiting to go to the top. Because of the long wait we ended up having no time to see anything else, we just went back to the apartment to get our things and headed out to the airport. So I will be back in Paris sometime in my life to go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower and see more of Paris!













I now have a ton of photos of the Eiffel Tower…

We flew out to Zadar in Croatia that night. The airport we took was over an hour out of Paris which was a lot cheaper than flying right out of Paris, the bus was late so at one point we were all freaking out thinking we would miss our flight… But then we got there and everything was okay. Airport security was insane though, the most strict I’ve seen it since leaving New Zealand!

Paris was amazing, I will definitely be going back! I still have so much to see!



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