And on to the City of Love!

Biarritz didn’t have very good weather so for the last day we were there we spent it doing chores and things we needed to catch up on. It was a pretty chilled day that ended up with us getting crepes and waffles for dessert, so yummy!





We had to get up early the next morning to get to the train station to buy our tickets to Paris, we had tried to buy them earlier but everyone was on strike that day. I’m really glad we were able to get seats, it looked like we got the last ones as well!

And finally we were in Paris!

We made our way to our apartment on the metro (we are definitely pros at this now) and as soon as we dropped our bags off we went for a walk. We’re staying near the Arc de Triomphe which is a cute area. There are food markets down the road from us so we bought cheese, fruit and wine and had an evening snack. Everyone fell in love with Paris at that moment haha.


We had gotten in quite late so after dinner we went out for dessert (tart and pie – amazing!) and then went to bed because we had a massive day planned the next day.

We went the Musee du Louvre the next day! And wow, that was amazing. We had been told about this ‘secret’ entrance that had shorter queue times but when we got there we decided to just line up in the line that was there. It just so happened that the line we were in WAS the shorter line because we had come up from the metro, not from up top.


The line said it would take an hour but actually it took about thirty minutes for us to get through security and then another ten to buy tickets. We all thought that was pretty good considering we had all expected it to take hours!




And then we were in. So much art. Not enough time. It was actually really overwhelming making your way through, the Louvre is massive! You really need a few days to fully explore it I reckon, we just didn’t have time to go through the whole thing. We were there for a good six hours and I swear we only managed to see half of it (if that), after a while you do get fed up at looking at things, so a few days would be nice instead of seeing it all in one day.

We started with sculptures that worked their way up in the ages.










By this stage it had already been a few hours and we were starving and very thirsty. So we tried to get back to the main area to grab some food and drinks, but wow, it was a maze and we couldn’t get out. It felt like once you were in you were in. It took us an extra thirty or so minutes to find our way back… We passed so many exhibitions that I wish we had had time to properly look at. One of them was the Ancient Egyptian exhibition, which is a topic I find incredibly fascinating, so I felt like a little kid in a toy store. The highlight of the whole museum for me was the Mummy they had on display. Seriously, it was so interesting seeing it! If we had had time I would have gone back to that exhibition and looked around properly, it was so cool.


We finally made our way out and bought overpriced food and drinks.

And then it was time for the Mona Lisa.


The crowd to get through was intense. There was no orderly line, there were just people at the front that would let the front rows out so the crowd could move forward.




And then we were at the front trying to observe the painting as well as taking photos. Two minutes later we were out of the crowd and moving on to look at other paintings. That was that.

Soon after we left the louvre and went for a walk.









The Seine river, and the horrible weather that was all of yesterday.


They have double decker trains!!

We had planned to go to the Eiffel Tower but then it started to pour down with rain so we decided to to head home and do it on Tuesday (as Monday is a public holiday).

We went to the Moulin Rouge to see a show! Wow. We had bought tickets earlier so had thought it would be fine to turn up fifteen minutes before the show started. At first we went to the cafe across the road so I could uphold the family tradition of having a drink there everytime we’re in Paris.




And thanks to that tradition I have now bought my most expensive drink in Europe, for a gin and tonic it cost me €12! Cheers grandma and poppa!

We went and had a quick dinner before going back to line up, well the line was actually pretty funny. We had to walk down the block and then around the corner! But when we got in we got pretty good seats so it was okay.







The show was very interesting, lots of boobs, singing, dancing, costumes, cool aerobic and roller skating acts. It was prohibited to take photos during the show, so you’ll just have to go and see it for yourself!

That ended the night for us, we got home at 2am and crashed into bed!

I wish we had slightly more time here in Paris!



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