We hear you Universe

Alicia, Aleisha and I have been trying to get to Bordeaux for a couple of days now (Alesha has gone to Santander in Spain), but have found it incredibly difficult transport wise and then also accommodation wise. There were hardly any direct trains or buses to Bordeaux which kept being sold out when we would try and buy tickets, and the indirect buses and trains would take all day so was a waste of time. Then our accommodation kept being declined despite taking money off of our cards! It was pretty ridiculous.

We finally locked down an apartment to stay in in Bordeaux, so we bussed to Biarritz in France and had planned on catching the train to Bordeaux (which was cheaper for us since we have the eurail pass) but when we got to Biarritz we found out the accommodation had been declined last minute…

We hear you Universe. We freaking hear you.

The Universe clearly did not want us going to Bordeaux! So we managed to find a cafe with free wifi and sat down frantically searching for a bed for the night. The most stressful thing about travelling is when you don’t have a bed for that night! Luckily for us we found a pretty cheap apartment that was available in Biarritz straight away and emailed the lady; and by cheap I mean Spain’s expensive price, but in Biarritz everything is super, super expensive (apartments were having €1000 deposits!! Seriously crazy). So we were lucky to find this place on such short notice.


It was such a lovely and sunny day in Biarritz yesterday but it took us all day sorting out the apartment (we had to get the tourism office to call the lady (Turns out the French language is super sexy on young handsome Frenchmen) and then emailed back and forth to confirm everything), so we missed out on enjoying the sun. I hope it’s that sunny and nice here today.

By the time we got to the apartment it was already late evening, so we went to the supermarket and bought our groceries for the next few days. I have missed proper meals! Alesha and I were staying in a hotel previously to this so haven’t been able to make proper cooked meals, and in Spain all they were selling was tapas. Having tapas morning, day and night for days got old very fast. Especially because it was a holiday so there were hardly any options of tapas as everything was closed and the bars were limited to what they sold.

I went for a late night stroll by myself, the girls were really tired and I wanted to get fresh air after the stressful day we had. Biarritz is beautiful at night.



The city centre.





The beach at sunset was so pretty.




It’s very here!



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