Lagos day one

Today we spent the morning organising our food for the next few days before deciding to go out kayaking.

The kayaking was amazing! We went in open kayaks with two in each and kayaked around the rock cliffs through the arches in the rocks. It was a lot of fun but also a lot of work… Alesha and I were in a kayak together which ended up being pretty funny, we’re both quite weak so kept lagging behind. Whenever we were apart of the group we triumphed haha. We turned it into a race in the hopes of staying with the tour guide.

The views were amazing but I didn’t take my phone with me (haha!). We spent 30 minutes on the beach but of course the tour guide got distracted talking to us so it was more like 45 minutes. We weren’t complaining, the beach was beautiful. I also love the sand here, it’s pretty different.

The kayaking took up the whole afternoon to which we were exhausted by it at the end of it, however it’s kiwi night tonight at our hostel. I love that the hostel manager organising such cool things for his guests.

We had a BBQ which was pretty social, then ended up going into Lagos town with people from our hostel. Alesha and I had a pretty fun and crazy night.



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