The lost days of Barcelona

Unfortunately I had my phone pick pocketed the other night, luckily I had all of my photos backed up though so I only lost a day of photos. I bought a new phone yesterday and am still setting it up, but at least I can continue taking photos!

On our second day in Barcelona we moved to an apartment for the easy use of the washing machine and the slightly cheaper price, we then spent the whole day exploring the city. We saw some cool and beautiful statues, fountains and an awesome park. Then made our way to the top of the hill that overlooks Barcelona, the sights were gorgeous. Too bad I can’t show you any pictures!

That night was the Saint John festival at the beach, there were fireworks and thousands of people. They had set up small temporary clubs and bars along the beach as well which was awesome, it was a really fun night. However this is when my phone was stolen, I shouldn’t have taken it out with me, lesson learnt!

The following day Aleisha accompanied me to the police station so I could report my phone as stolen (I was the first one out of all of us to have to go to a police station lol), unfortunately I didn’t realise it would take so long to do this. At first we went to the wrong police station, then when we went to the right one it took hours to complete the report, I’m guessing as it was a public holiday the station didn’t have many staff on to deal with reports and things… This took out the whole day of exploring we had planned to do. I definitely felt guilty…

We spent that night organising Lagos (in Portugal) accommodation (a party hostel! Super excited for this), especially after the whole Barcelona and trying to find a hostel last minute incident. Then spent the night packing and cleaning, well I spent it sleeping because I had been up hours earlier than everyone as I couldn’t sleep and cleaned the apartment up.

The next morning we woke up super early and made our way to the train station to get the next train to Madrid and then book our overnight train to Lisbon. Well it just so happens that yesterday was the Rolling Stones concert in Madrid so all of the trains until that night were full. Yay for us! Not.

We talked over our options at breakfast and then got back in the massive line. After standing in line for a very long time we managed to get one of the staff that was in a good mood and wanted to help us (the person we had at first told us to leave when we asked too many questions….), this guy put us on a 3pm train to Madrid and then booked us a sleeper cabin for Lisbon for that night. He was really lovely and accommodating.

So we each split up and did our own thing for the day as we all had something important to do and couldn’t fit it all in if we did it together. Alesha and I went find an Internet cafe so I could start filling out my claim form for my phone for insurance, she found a hairdresser and got her hair done while I did this. I then made my way to the Apple store in the city centre on my own to buy a new phone.

Buying a phone from the apple store was very easy and felt like an experience, you know since New Zealand doesn’t have apple stores. Mostly everyone spoke English (as well as Spanish of course) and from what I could tell other languages too. The guy that helped me was lovely and honest which I liked.

After meeting up at our meeting point we went and picked our bags up and made our way to our first train. It was a first class three hour train ride which included free food and alcohol; no one says no to free alcohol. When we arrived in Madrid we had four hours to kill so dropped our bags off and went to find a bar.



This girl was really lovely and gave us nearly half a glass full of vodka with soda water, lemon and lime each. That kind of made the night, none of this ‘one shot only’ thing! We ate pizza there and spent the whole time on their wifi as we were in no mood to socialise haha.

The night train to Lisbon wasn’t exactly glamorous… It was second class and very cramped, but it was fine. The only thing was it was really hot and that kept everyone awake, as well as the jolting of the train. I still felt like I got a decent amount of sleep though, although half a sleeping pill contributed to that. However I woke up at 4am stifling hot and feeling very thirsty for water, we had already had all of our water so I went to find some. Well the coach before the cafeteria was actually really dangerous, someone had left the main door open even though we were moving… I was really thirsty so I Indiana jones’ed it and hugged the wall holding onto the other doors doorknobs just in case. We’ll that was silly of me because now that I’m fully awake I realise how dangerous and stupid that was… As well as the fact that I probably should have complained or something. The cafeteria was closed anyway and I couldn’t find a train conductor on the other side. So I had to risk my life for nothing! Next time I’m stocking up on water before we board.

We are currently on a bus on our way to Lagos, as soon as we got off of the night train and asked someone everyone told us it would be easier to get a bus. It’s a four hour bus ride and I already prefer the train because at least the train had a table and bathrooms! On the plus side for the bus though is that it has wifi.


My first picture of Portugal, it’s a fake of the Jesus statue that is it Rio!

I’m looking forward to getting to the hostel and cleaning up. Hopefully it won’t be hard or far to find our hostel!



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