Poolside Weekend

This weekend was a whole lot of relaxing by the pool. It was lovely!



Even with reapplying sunblock regularly everyone still got burnt, I found this ironic because I have never reapplied so many times in my life and I STILL got burnt. At least today it’s gone more tan than red.

Suzanna (our host for the weekend) was the absolute loveliest person ever, she was also our chef for the weekend which was a really cool touch I think. The food was really yummy!


(Spanish countryside.)

This morning we all made our way out; Alesha, Aleisha, Alicia and I separated from the other girls we were staying with as we had to book our train tickets to Portugal and the girls were spending the day in Madrid before flying back to London at 6pm. So we arrived at the Charmatin train station like the guy at the Atocha train station told us the other day only to find out that the only night train to Lisbon tonight was booked out. We then tried to book the over night train to Lisbon for tomorrow but they don’t sell you tickets for the trains until the day of… How weird!


(The Charmatin train station has this cool waterfall wall.)

We ended up grabbing some food and sitting down for a bit before randomly deciding to get the high speed train to Barcelona instead! That is how flexible this trip is. So we quite easily booked our tickets (Thank god we have the eurail pass, it would have been €400 instead of the €10 euro reservation fee!), and hopped on our train an hour later.

Oh Barcelona how I love your vibe already! Because we had decided to go to Barcelona so last minute we had tried to book an apartment but they were already full, so we ended up wandering around looking for a hostel in the city centre… We actually thought it would be easy to rock up to a hostel and get a four bed room, how naive of us! Although honestly at any other time it probably would have been fine, it just so happens that tomorrow is the Saint John Bonfire festival in Spain, celebrating the first summer fiesta! It sounds super exciting. We will hopefully be at one of the bonfire parties tomorrow!

We got really frustrated not being able to find a hostel and ended up asking a group of guys if they knew where another one was. It just so happened they were Americans staying in a hostel, they offered to show us back to their hostel and we could see if there were any rooms available (nothing dodgy here people!). Turns out their hostel was an awesome hostel and everyone was really lovely, unfortunately for us they were already fully booked up. However the staff let us chill out in their lounge and use their computer to find somewhere else to stay, it took ages to find a place with a room and the staff helped us out by calling around places. In the end we found one three hours after arriving in Barcelona, it’s quite a neat and tidy one too.

At this stage it was about 10:30pm but we went on a hunt for wine, Spain is alive at night! The streets were so busy, even on a Sunday night, it was such a cool atmosphere.



Barcelona is really pretty, I really like the architecture.

It sounds like tomorrow shall be interesting with the festival :D



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