Private Villa in Madrid!

Today was a quiet day. We traveled to Madrid from Valencia via train!



My backpack is massive… Yet I don’t know what I would lose out of it if I went through it again. So it’ll be fine, I’ll just get stronger carrying it around.


Alesha and Aleisha met us at the train station so we could book our overnight train to Portugal but the customer service desk didn’t have any English speaking people and they refused to help us, which sucked. We were told to go to another train station and book there but we were running out of time to meet our transfer so we decided to just move on and reserve our train on Sunday. And if we can’t get it for Sunday then that’s fine, we’ll get it for Monday.


The lady that lives at the villa and owns it came to pick us up, she is absolutely lovely and amazing! The villa is about 40 minutes out of Madrid and the scenery was beautiful coming out here. The Spanish country side is very picturesque, little stone buildings/castles decorated the land.

The villa is so beautiful, homey and big! It feels very lived in and loved which I like.






We spent the afternoon eating cheese and crackers and drinking wine by the pool. It was a lovely relaxing afternoon.



I’m looking forward to relaxing by the pool this weekend :D



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