Trip to Valencia

How we thought getting up at 5am for a flight would be a good idea I do not know. It wiped us out for the day.

We flew out of London at Gatwick Airport so to get there we caught a tube one stop to Balham, went topside to the train station and caught a train to Clapham Junction, then caught another train to Gatwick Airport.


We somehow ended up getting to the airport way earlier than intended which was a good thing because we clearly didn’t leave enough time for checking bags in the amount of time we had originally left. We checked in bags (my bag weighs 16kg… :(), then went up for a coffee and a pastry (why do they only eat pastry?! I’m going to get so fat here!). We started our way to the gate only to find out it was a good twenty minutes away and we had to be there in ten minutes. So we ran the whole way! Me and running? Yeahhh.

We made it to our flight with time to spare amazingly. The flight was fine, Alicia and I were sat next to an English guy who now lives in Toronto and was going to Valencia to visit his friends (“”?) condo. He was actually a nice guy and definitely flirting with Alicia much to my amusement, considering he was in his forties and mentioned his two ex wives (although was not hard on the eyes).

We landed in Valencia fine but had trouble trying to figure out how to get to our hotel (found an awesome deal for a hotel…), it wasn’t very clear on where you could ask. We stood in a ‘visitor info’ line for a good hour to get to the front to speak with a lady for five minutes. We caught the Metro (Valencia’s underground trains) which was okay because it was empty, but not okay because the backpack was a bitch to carry!! I hope I get stronger on this trip carrying the damn thing around.


The trains are like bendy buses!! Although I haven’t seen a bendy bus in NZ since my high school ball…

Once we checked into our hotel we went for a small walk to find a grocery store or food, it was harder than we thought. We found a mall but couldn’t find the food court, and the mall map was in Spanish with no English in sight.

So we went outside the mall and a guy gave us a flier for a small restaurant down the road, two meals for the price of one. We decided to try it out, however we sat down and got given the menu only to find out there was no English on it at all, unfortunately for us none of the staff spoke any English either. Our waiter was very nice and tried his hardest to explain what the menu said but we couldn’t really understand any of it, since we had already sat down as well we felt obligated to stay. I think the waiter randomly chose us our meals and I said chicken which he understood.

Well, out come our meals and it turns out it’s tuna. I don’t like tuna and Alicia is allergic to tuna, but since we ordered and our waiter couldn’t understand us and we didn’t want to be rude I ended up eating half of my plate of salad and tuna, discreetly swapping plates with Alicia and then I ate half of her tuna and salad too. Much to Alicia’s amusement. Seriously, she loved my facial expressions, I hope none of the waiters noticed. They kept giving me thumbs up when they passed by so I would reply with a polite smile and a thumbs up too…



When I thought we had finished our food, out comes meal number two! Turns out it meant a two dish meal for the price of one, whoops. This dish was the chicken (yay!) and it was actually quite nice. Too bad I had filled up on tuna and salad!

So our dinner was quite the experience.

We spent the rest of the day napping because we were so tired from traveling. Onto exploring the old town of Valencia tomorrow!



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