Bridges and Towers of London

The Tower Bridge, the London Bridge and the Tower of London are all different things FYI. That was confusing.

First off we spent the morning booking flights and things that we hadn’t yet booked. Then we made our way to the post office for Alesha to pick up a package (which the post office lost somehow), Alicia sent a couple of items home and then Alicia and I made our way out.



We wanted to see the Tower of London, however we got confused and went to London Bridge. Thus we got photos of the Tower Bridge (I’m standing on The London Bridge).




We walked over to the Tower of London and had an amazing time. I loved it, it was incredibly interesting and reimagining history while listening to the stories made me giddy.



Our tour guide. He was interesting and funny.


Where the queens were kept before each were beheaded for various reasons of treason… [Above]






The Crown Jewels were amazingly elaborate. We couldn’t take pictures but they were everything you could see a royal wearing when being coronated (which doesn’t happen with the English royals anymore), at the end there was a beautiful picture of Queen Elizabeth when she was young holding the septor and wearing a crown.


We made our way to a local pub for dinner (not a touristy one, we asked a guard to recommend a local), and ate a pub meal before heading back to Alesha’s via the tube. I definitely feel I have the tube down! The trains and buses however? That may be another story.

I love the Tower of London and would love to go back sometime to do the other tours. You get the feeling the place is alive as well which was interesting, especially in the chapel where the Queens were buried.



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