“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”

London. London. London.

Wow. To start off with, the tube? Amazing. Takes you everywhere! The historic buildings, cobbled footpaths and red bricked pubs are exciting. And I couldn’t stop admiring the gorgeous men scenery. (Joking!)

Let me start at the beginning, my cousin Alesha met us at the airport which was lovely of her to do since she had to wake up super early and catch the tube at 5:50am to get there on time (Thank you Alesha! :D).


Alesha’s sign she made for us. Super cute.

The tube looks confusing but it’s clearly labelled so if you know where you’re going then it’ll be easy to use. I assume. I have yet to use it without Alesha. I love that it goes everywhere and there are tubes very regularly (like 5 – 10 minutes apart I gathered)! If only Auckland transport were even half as good or reliable.

We bought an Oyster card and frantically ran to catch the first tube, soooo silly and tired me left my cash passport (card with my money on it) at the first station back at the airport… Seriously. Not even five minutes of using it before I lost it! I’m sure mostly everyone is shaking their heads thinking “Only you Jordon.” :D Luckily for me I noticed I didn’t have it straight away, so we hopped off at the next stop and Alesha and I jumped back on to go back for it while Aleisha and Alicia stayed with our luggage. It turns out a lovely person handed it in so I managed to get it back straight away thank god.

After that bit of a panic we made our way to Alesha’s which took two tubes or so. Alesha lives in a quaint part of London not far from the tube which must be handy. We then cleaned up and made our way out to Oxford Circus to meet Alesha’s flatmate Jess whom Aleisha and Alicia are friends with also (all these A’s!).

We ate lunch in the park, by this point I was pretty tired and out of it so I don’t remember the name, but it was nice as the sun was out. Everyone was in the park eating their lunch, when the sun is out everyone flocks to the park to enjoy it! Just like New Zealanders flock to the beach, but as there’s no beach in London the park it is.



We then spent a bit of time wandering around Oxford Circus but as we were all really tired and had sore feet from the plane we didn’t spend a long time walking around.





(Had at least one selfie for the day…)

We jumped back on the tube and made our way to Belham to buy some dinner food but then ended up at the pub.



The bartenders were so impressed that we were from New Zealand and went straight to the pub that they gave us free shots!


Before long, this happened.


It ended up being a great day! Despite feeling exhausted, it was fun! Thanks to Alesha for leading us around and putting up with our complaints of being so tired and having sore feet.

A full day of sightseeing is planned for tomorrow! Will have to chill out a bit and plan the rest of things on Sunday so we don’t exhaust ourselves before we even start the backpacking part…

Off to hopefully sleep a long time!



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