KL day two

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Final day in KL was not as hot, only 27 degrees which was way more bearable. Especially because we wore shorts this time haha.

Aleisha and I went for a walk to the park behind the twin towers and made our way to the aquarium which was fun. We spent an hour going around looking at fish before heading back to the hotel to pack up and check out.








The hotel gave us a late check out since our flight out was that night at 11:40pm. We then spent the rest of the day shopping (which I found nothing to buy :( ).

Unfortunately for us our airport transfer didn’t turn up… The hotel was super lovely and spent ages trying to get in contact with them but it was after hours and their emergency number was also after hours, so much for ’emergency’… The hotel organized us a driver to drive us to the airport for a fixed rate which actually worked out cheaper than the private transfer we had organized anyway. The travel agent is currently working on getting us a refund for the transfer, she’s pretty angry at them as well.

Kuala Lumpur ended up being pretty fun, I enjoyed it a lot despite the humidity and the heat. The five star hotel helped! Backpacking will be a shock to the system compared lol.

The flight out to London was hard because I was exhausted and was seated right next to the crew cabin so kept getting woken up which was frustrating. However Aleisha and Alicia said they came to visit me but I was passed out so clearly I slept at some point.

Looking forward to London!



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