Day 1 – Kuala Lumpur

We landed in KL fine but we got lost in the airport trying to find where we got our baggage, we realized you had to catch a train to another part of the airport… It was a massive airport! I don’t know why I was so worried about having so much luggage here, I grabbed a trolley and all was fine. They looked pretty relaxed with security which I found weird, we didn’t have to declare anything, and we weren’t scanned nor did our hand luggage get checked, we just showed someone our passport, had it stamped and walked out. When we went to find our airport transfer that we had prearranged the guy wasn’t there so we waited around for 15 minutes until he turned up, but then he asked us to give him the transport voucher except we didn’t have one. I was a little worried that he would refuse to take us because we didn’t have a voucher but luckily Alicia had her itinerary printed off the day before she left so her itinerary was the only one with the transfer on it as we booked the transfer only a few weeks before leaving. He told us our return transfer wasn’t in the system and we had to call the people the next day to arrange it. We got it all sorted today however so there should be no problem on our transfer back to the airport.

Kuala Lumpur is crazy hot! A heat wave nearly knocks you over as soon as you walk out of an air conditioned building. Today was around 33 degrees which felt nearly unbearable, especially because we thought we had to wear clothes that covered ourselves so we weren’t disrespectful. We had to go to the mall to find lightweight pants to walk around instead of wearing jeans. I swear I nearly passed out, the ground felt like it was moving every step I took. We made it to an air conditioned building fast though so no one passed out from the heat.


Wearing this and walking five minutes down the road to the mall was torture!


We ended up going the wrong way and went to a cheap shopping mall which is the above. We turned around and went back to the hotel to ask for directions and found out the closest mall was five minutes walk the opposite direction across the road from the twin towers. That mall was a proper fancy mall with amazing shops!


One of the twin towers.

We spent longer than we meant to looking for lightweight pants mainly because the clothes were distracting (seriously, it’s interesting to see the fashion and how different it is. There were shorts and skirts and cute dresses but then most of the clothing was fashionable long pants, onesies, long playsuits and long dresses; clothing that covered a lot of body area.). The clothes were different, but good different. We’re going back tomorrow to actually do some proper shopping. Everything is so cheap here compared to NZ! Everything is priced the same, like a nice quality dress is MA90 when it would also be $90 in NZ, so in NZD the dress is something like $35 instead! When converting back it’s cheap here, we’re practically rich here.

We finally made it to the Batu caves (via taxi) at 4pm which was fine because it was insanely hot and everyone was sweating like crazy. Felt gross. Plus it didn’t take long to look around. See photos below!




Monkeys were hanging around the stairs.






I had to start getting creative with my selfies…


The cave itself was beautiful.








We didn’t stay very long at the caves because of how hot it was, it got incredibly uncomfortable and I personally felt like I couldn’t take it much longer. Luckily for me we wanted to try and find out where Alicia’s friend, Eelin, work place was as we had planned to meet up with her friend near the Batu Caves, so I suggested asking someone for directions that worked in a store. So off we went to a mart that had air conditioning. I can be smart sometimes. Unfortunately we couldn’t find Eelins work so we caught a taxi back to the hotel instead. Silly us jumped in the first taxi we saw as we were very overheated and just wanted to get out of there, and got ripped off. The fare cost twice as much to get back even though it was a shorter drive as it was a fixed price and not metered. Ah well. Next time we will know better!

We got back to the hotel and went straight to the pool! This 5 stat hotel is very nice, too bad we haven’t had a chance to check a lot of it out.



We then got ready for dinner and Eelin came over to go out with us, Eelin was very lovely and even paid for our dinner which was nice of her and very unexpected. We had Japanese and then walked around for a bit taking photos.





One of the twin towers from the same angle that I got earlier in the day. It lights up like a Christmas tree at night!




Err getting your eyebrows tattooed on is a thing…





All in all today was fun! It definitely helped that we were staying in a 5 star hotel. It’s going to be a shock to the system when we start backpacking!



4 thoughts on “Day 1 – Kuala Lumpur

  1. Mum says:

    If it was so hot loose the cardigan! Blog a great idea nice to hear in detail what your up to and see the photos 😊

  2. Jill says:

    I really like the picture of the monkeys at the steps of batu caves and the picture of both twin towers towards the end of the post ;) hope you enjoy your backpacking.

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